The Toughest Case/Clipboard for iPad Has Arrived, is called “Hard Case for iPad”

<img src="" />Perfect for the guy whose job requires him to be out in the field, the Hard Case for <a href="http://w

Protect your iPad with metallic looking StealthArmor

<img src="" />Your iPad has that nice metallic look, right? You want to preserve that sleek industrial design. You want Fu

MiLi Power Skin claims to be smallest iPhone external battery yet

The trade-off between compact size and prolonged battery life has plagued iPhone owners pretty much since the product was released. There’s only so much space to cram battery cells in that sleek

Stainless steel iPhone case protects your precious

<img src="" />Still carrying your iPhone in your pants pocket eh? Well, I guess you can do that. Be careful if you sit down though, yo

Full Metal Case: Exovault billet

<img src="" />According to <a href=""></a>, a billet is "a small, usually rectangul

Lian Li "spider" case seen creeping around Taiwan

Beware the coming of the spider! This strange creature was seen in a back alley, eating cats, small dogs, and any memory chips it happens to find. It has the capability to disguise itself as the Lian

BookBook wraps your Macbook in old leather

<img src="" />Finding a case for your computer is easy. Finding one that unique and still protects your computer can b

NZXT launches new Hades gaming case

<img src="" /><a href="">NZXT</a> announced the launch of their new chassis (don't call it a case)

FACTRON SIMPLEX: $200, lens-friendly duralumin iPhone case

<img src="" /> <a href="">Duralumin</a>, an aluminum alloy used in airship frames and auto body

Review: BackFlip Kickstand iPhone Case

Short Version: To put it simply, I didn’t know that I needed the Backflip case until I had one. The idea of a case with a built-in kickstand seemed worthwhile, but I didn’t think it was so

New Thermaltake case looks hot, runs cool

<img src="" />Thermaltake is one of my personal favorite case makers, I've owned a few of their products in my time, but th

Very cool Pac-Man business card holder

<img src="" /> Remember the business card case shaped <a href="

Japanese iPhone users can buy $1,000 cases from today

<img src="" /> Despite being able to choose between an enormous number of super-advanced cell phones for years now

New case protects your iPhone from scratches, water and sand

<img src="" /> A Japanese company called Sanwa is selling <a href="">a waterpr

Speck to release Dexter iPhone case

Remember the Dexter iPhone game that was announced way back in March of 2008? We barely do. In any case, Speck will be releasing a Dexter-themed iPhone case when the game supposedly launches later thi

CrunchDeals: Gold Aluminum case for the 60GB iPod Video – $.99 with free shipping

Got an 60GB iPod Video? Got a dollar? Buy this aluminum case. It’s only $.99 cents and ships for free. The one downside is that it’s gold colored. But once again, it’s only $.99 so I

An $85 wooden iPhone case

<img src="">From one <a href="">woodworker</a> to another, huge props fo

Hey! You got your iPhone in my Game Boy!

<img src="" />Sometimes, it's a good thing when worlds collide. That's when you end up with items like the Game Boy iPhone case. The bad ne

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Panzerbox

<img src="" />Gamers rejoice! No longer will you need to make that painful decision of whether to skimp on power in order to g

Class up your Amazon Kindle with a bit of crocodile skin

Kindle owners can bring a little taste of the Aussie outback to modern New York just like Mic did years ago for only 50 bucks! The STYLZ Avantgarde cases are available in two different leather stains
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