• Wayfair and HubSpot IPOs Could Be Just The Beginning For Boston Startup Scene

    Wayfair and HubSpot IPOs Could Be Just The Beginning For Boston Startup Scene

    While Silicon Valley firms hold back on their IPOs and there’s hand-wringing over burn rates, two Boston-based startups had highly successful IPOs less than a week apart. Just over a week ago, furniture shopping service Wayfair went public and raised over $300M in its IPO, then HubSpot had a successful IPO of its own a week later. I think it’s safe to say the Boston startup scene… Read More

  • Spindle Founder Pat Kinsel Joins Polaris Partners

    Spindle Founder Pat Kinsel Joins Polaris Partners

    The co-founder and former CEO of Spindle, a social discovery app that was acquired by Twitter last year, has joined Polaris Partners as venture partner on its technology investment team. Pat Kinsel started at the Boston-based firm as an entrepreneur-in-residence after Spindle was acquired. Polaris was an investor in Spindle. Read More

  • Silicon Valley Is The Stingiest Place For Equity Grants, But Remote Work Pays Off If You Can Find It

    Silicon Valley Is The Stingiest Place For Equity Grants, But Remote Work Pays Off If You Can Find It

    Sam Altman’s article this weekend exploring the topic of equity grants got me thinking about what startups offer new employees. While there are general notions in the industry about what equity to offer to folks at various stages of a startup’s lifecycle, there is little data available that shows how equity grants and compensation more generally compare across innovation regions. I… Read More

  • Boston Wraps Up Its Best Venture Quarter In Years

    Boston Wraps Up Its Best Venture Quarter In Years

    The TechCrunch wrecking ball is smashing into Boston as startups in the city are coming off their best quarter in years. Boston-based startups managed to haul in over $1.2 billion in venture financing in 142 deals for the quarter, marking the strongest fundraising environment for Boston tech startups since 2009. Read More

  • TechCrunch Boston Meetup Highlights

    Beantown Rocked Our Socks At The TechCrunch Boston Meetup

    Last week we headed up to Boston to see what the local startup scene had to offer, and the founders, VCs, and technophiles we met did not disappoint. The city best known for its universities, hospitals, tea parties, and sports teams is also a hotbed of tech startups, as evidenced by the crowd of over 700 people that showed up to our event at The Estate nightclub on Wednesday night. Read More

  • Drop Wins the TechCrunch Boston Pitch-Off

    Boston Pitch-Off Winner Drop Lets You Leave Surprise Messages All Over Town

    Location-based messaging has been tried before, and in a world where messages go in streams, go global, and go poof, one of these geo-fenced messaging companies will eventually float to the top. The latest of these location-focused messengers is Drop, an app out of Boston that lets you “drop” a message in a certain location, which friends will find as they enter that geo-fenced area. Read More

  • The TechCrunch Boston Pitch-Off Is A Week Away

    The TechCrunch Boston Pitch-Off Is A Week Away

    It’s been a long time coming but the TechCrunch Boston Pitch-Off is almost here. We’ve picked 20 start-ups to compete on stage and the judges are ready to rock. Now all we need is you. Read More

  • TechCrunch Is Coming Your Way, Boston

    TechCrunch Is Coming Your Way, Boston

    As TechCrunch powers through the major tech hubs of the world we’ve consistently missed Boston. That’s about to change. I’m pleased to announce our second Boston meetup on November 13, 2013, at the Estate, 1 Boylston Pl . Read More

  • Gillmor Gang: Watertown

    Gillmor Gang: Watertown

    The Gillmor Gang — Danny Sullivan, Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, John Taschek, and Steve Gillmor — note the intersection of social and mainstream medias as the events in Boston unfolded in real time. What has been framed as a competition became something more, as Twitter streams, scanner apps, and local news streams meshed with CNN et al. Inspired curation by @dannysullivan produced… Read More

  • Aereo Brings Free Over-The-Air TV And Cloud DVR To Boston May 15

    Aereo Brings Free Over-The-Air TV And Cloud DVR To Boston May 15

    Aereo has just announced its first expansion beyond New York City, and the city it’s moving to next is Boston. Bostonians will gain access to the startup’s free, over-the-air TV services and usage-based cloud DVR subscription options beginning May 15, indicating it’s full-speed ahead for the media startup despite its ongoing legal battles with networks and broadcasters. Read More

  • Green Buildings Software Startup, Retroficiency, Closes $800,000 Seed Financing

    A Boston startup that makes energy auditing software for the commercial buildings industry, Retroficiency, raised $800,000 in a seed round led by energy management services firm World Energy Solutions (NASDAQ: XWES), and joined by a number of angel investors including Jean Hammond and Jill Preotle (both early investors in ZipCar) the companies announced today. Facility managers, auditors… Read More

  • My Ordeal—and the Firestorm—in Boston

    As TechCrunch readers know by now, I speak my mind and don’t shy away from controversy. I am even more provocative when I talk to students. My goal is to make them think outside the box. I encourage students not only to challenge authority, but also to challenge me. I tell them that with my research on globalization, entrepreneurship, and U.S. competitiveness, I am learning as I go; no… Read More

  • The Valley of My Dreams: Why Silicon Valley Left Boston's Route 128 In The Dust

    No one disputes that Silicon Valley is the global capital of the tech world. But this wasn’t always so. It is the Valley’s dynamism and networks which have given it an unassailable advantage. Silicon Valley has simply left rivals like Boston’s Route 128 in the dust. I mentioned a little bit about my first Columbus Day in California in a previous column. But I didn’t… Read More

  • Video: Sir Richard Branson in drag – oh, and Virgin America lands in Boston

    Doug Aamoth reporting from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. Today in the B terminal I saw some good-looking New England Patriots cheerleaders, a good-looking Maria Menounos, and then everything went all haywire when two guys in bumblebee tutus showed up followed by Richard Branson dressed like a patriotic psychiatrist’s wet dream. Read More

  • Virgin America launches service to Boston [Update]

    Virgin America, my favorite domestic airline, is launching service to and from Boston today with three daily routes from LA and two daily routes from San Francisco. This is important for those traveling between Boston and California because all flights to and from Boston are equipped with Aircell’s Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi service. Update: We’ve got a list of all Wi-Fi-enabled VA… Read More

  • Star Simpson talks about her arrest at Boston airport – for wearing an LED sweatshirt Star Simpson arrived at the Boston’s Logan airport wearing a wonky-looking LED sweatshirt and holding a clay flower. Putting two and two together, the state police patrolling the airport decided she was a suicide bomber and tackled, arrested, and shackled her… Read More

  • T-Mobile's 3G network live in Boston, Phoenix to follow

    Good news, Boston. T-Mobile’s 3G network went live today, but we haven’t received anything “official” today. Anyway, Phoenix is scheduled to go live on Friday. That is all. via tmonews Read More

  • Two Boston-area magicians involved in bar brawl, each sustains massive loss of hit points

    Straight out of my neck of the woods here in the Boston area, the Cambridge Chronicle is reporting that two magicians “conjured up a bar brawl” this past weekend. Apparently one magician went into a bar (this sounds like a setup to a bad joke) and said to another magician, “Hey I know you from the magician store.” After that, all hell broke loose for some reason as the… Read More

  • Fifty photos from the new Apple Store in Boston

    From the hordes of rabid Mac fans to the cheering employees to the famous musicians and professional athletes, here are fifty photos from today’s Apple Store opening.                                            … Read More

  • Interview with Mike Oh, the guy who buried his company's shirt under the Boston Apple Store

    Mike Oh owns a store called Tech Superpowers. Guess where it happens to be located? Right across the alley from the new Apple Store. You may or may not have heard about the New York Yankees organization digging up a Boston Red Sox jersey that a construction worker buried under Yankee Stadium, but while that was making headlines, Oh slipped over to where construction workers were about to… Read More