• No Wireless For Kindles In The Midwest

    No Wireless For Kindles In The Midwest

    Some people in the midwest are discovering that Amazon’s recently <a href="“>launched Kindle doesn’t work as advertised. They’ve found that Kindle’s killer feature, wireless downloads of books, doesn’t work because Kindle can’t connect to their mobile networks. It borders on a “bait and switch” tactc and was a problem… Read More

  • Michael says, stealing books for the Kindle is trivially easy

    Michael says, stealing books for the Kindle is trivially easy

    Thanks for pirating my photos, Michael. Duh. Download some e-books. Convert the .lit and PDF to .txt since the Kindle reads .txt and .doc formats. Transfer said files to your Kindle via USB. Bam. Gigs upon gigs of free e-books. Pirating is not a crime because Michael does it too! TC Read More

  • Stealing Books For The Kindle Is Trivially Easy

    If you are willing to violate copyright laws, getting free ebooks is almost as easy as getting free music. There are numerous sites that have free, legal, out-of-copyright ebook files available for download. But tens of thousands of newly released books, including best sellers, are readily available on on BitTorrent sites as well, right next to movies and music. And reading these books on the… Read More

  • Kindle disassembly: No disassemble!

    Kindle disassembly: No disassemble!

    RapidRepair has posted a full disassembly of the Kindle, complete with helpful tips for getting inside the case. Love it or hate it, it’s still cool to see e-ink in a working product and how they’ve managed to stuff a wireless radio, memory, and readable screen into such a light package. Instructions Read More

  • The real problem with Kindle

    The real problem with Kindle

    Peter just gave me the CG Kindle to play with and I love it. To get books, instantly, on a very readable screen is amazing. I bought two books I wanted to read but didn’t really want to own hard copies of — when you have limited shelf space, you limit your book purchases — and I’m enjoying the device immensely. However, I’ve discovered the design decision behind… Read More

  • You don't know what you're talking about, Scoble

    You don't know what you're talking about, Scoble

    I try not to step on anyone’s toes in the gadget blogosphere, but I cannot sit idle after reading Scoble’s “Dear Jeff Bezos” post and the big boss man’s video review. I agree with some of Scoble’s points, but there are a few that just don’t make any sense or have any place in e-books. Maybe I’m wrong. There’s a possibility that… Read More

  • Amazon Kindle's FAQ, according to some guy

    Amazon Kindle's FAQ, according to some guy

    I still haven’t used Ask Kindle NowNow for many reasons. Truth be told, I forgot it even existed. After reading this tiny FAQ I’ve been asking myself why I didn’t think to do this with my Kindle. D’oh. Read More

  • Kindle: Web Browsing Experience Is Horrible

    I met up with Robert Scoble last night at an Orange party in San Francisco (my photos from the party are here). He brought along his Amazon Kindle and let me and others test it out. It was the first time I’d held one – the Kindle I bought hasn’t arrived yet and my co-editor Erick covered the New York launch. Anyway, he took video of me giving my opinion of the Kindle… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 10 free HD DVDs with Toshiba HD DVD player for only $200

    CrunchDeals: 10 free HD DVDs with Toshiba HD DVD player for only $200

    This is one hell of a bitchin’ deal from Amazon. When you purchase a Toshiba HD-A3 player (also applies to the HD-A30 or HD-A35) for $199.99 you get 10 free HD DVDs. You already receive 300 and The Bourne Identity with the player and then an additional three from the following list: Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Amazon can't wait till Friday, we don't blame them

    CrunchDeals: Amazon can't wait till Friday, we don't blame them

    It’s mostly computer peripherals so don’t wet yourself or anything, but the deals are pretty sweet if you’re in the market for mice, keyboards and speakers. The majority of the items listed will include free shipping and certain items are available Turkey Day and Buyer’s Remorse Day aka Monday. The CrunchDeals begin tomorrow so be on your A-game. Hit the jump for a full… Read More

  • Amazon Kindle review [Update]

    Amazon Kindle review [Update]

    I’ll be the first to admit that e-books suck. They’re great in theory, but they’ll never catch on. There’s nothing that screams dork more than an e-book. E-books are the future. Apparently there is some miscommunication going on and some are under the impression that I think e-books are not the future. I, like many others, enjoy the real thing. There’s just… Read More

  • Front company and OEM for Amazon Kindle is…

    Front company and OEM for Amazon Kindle is…

    In case anyone cares to know who the OEM and front for Kindle are then listen (look closely, read closely…er… whatever) closely. Thanks to tipster John H. for doing a bit of snooping on the FCC because he’s uncovered a few secrets about Amazon’s e-book. The front is Payne LLC. based out of Delaware who requested a confidentiality agreement on October 31. The test… Read More

  • Kindle Images And Video

    Kindle Images And Video I just bought the new Amazon Kindle and it should be here by Thanksgiving. I figure if I’m going to continue to mock its appearance I should at least get an actual device in my hands. Amazon has the above overview video and images on the main product page. Much better than the original images that surfaced… Read More

  • Kindle: First Impressions

    Kindle: First Impressions

    Everyone at Amazon’s Kindle press conference (which I liveblogged earlier today) received one of the electronic book readers. I played around with mine while I was waiting to interview Jeff Bezos. My initial impressions: It is not as clunky as the FCC picture made it out to be, but it still has an odd retro feel. A mod, over-sized, calculator from the 1970s comes to mind. It is… Read More

  • Mini review of the Amazon Kindle [Update 2]

    Mini review of the Amazon Kindle [Update 2]

    Why the name Kindle? Well, according to the definition on the Kindle box, “2. inspire, stir up.” Amazon is certainly making a buzz today. The form factor of the Kindle is nice. The textured backing is quite nice and the graphics are pretty neat. So far I like the Kindle. It’s very easy to use and the UI is clean. It’s sort of sluggish when jumping from screen to screen… Read More

  • We're #7 on Kindle's list of blogs

    We're #7 on Kindle's list of blogs

    Yay! Except a monthly subscription to CrunchGear will run you $1.99. Hmm… Read More

  • Reaction: Amazon's Kindle

    Reaction: Amazon's Kindle

    So, like, Amazon announced Kindle all of five minutes ago and I’ve already been charged with giving my opinion on it. I assume that’s because I’m one of the few guys on staff who reads for fun (the latest book: “Morbo” by Phil Ball) and not because I’m good or anything. Never having used it—I’ll try to steal Peter’s this week—I will… Read More

  • Kindle Hands On [Updated]

    Kindle Hands On [Updated]

    If anyone can get eBooks off the ground it’s probably Amazon. Will this be better than Sony’s failed attempts? Potentially. Click through for more hot pix and a full review to come. Now with less blurry pics Read More

  • Live from the Amazon press conf in NYC

    Live from the Amazon press conf in NYC

    Hey, it’s Jeff Bezos Kindle’s the name and e-booking is its game. Or something like that. Anyways, we’re about to start so stay tuned. Read More

  • Liveblogging the Amazon Kindle E-Reader Show with Jeff Bezos

    Liveblogging the Amazon Kindle E-Reader Show with Jeff Bezos

    Amazon has summoned the NY press and blogger corp to the W Hotel on Union Square to watch Jeff Bezos unveil it electronic book reader, the Kindle. We’ll see if there is anything left to learn. Peter Ha from CrunchGear is sitting right next to me bloggingand taking pics (can you say overkill?). Here we go: 9:41 AM: Jeff Bezos takes the stage: Shows a tablet, then some papyrus, then… Read More