• Latest Microsoft ad – sans Seinfeld

    Check it out! The latest commercial has Bill, but no Jerry. It actually drives home that a lot of people use a PC and not everyone looks like Apple’s PC character. Well done. Read More

  • Radio Shack ad confirms Xbox 360 price drop

    Radio Shack ad confirms Xbox 360 price drop

    High res available here. This purported ad sent in by a Radio Shack employee to Joystiq backs up the last week’s ad from K-Mart that Microsoft will give the Xbox 360 a price cut during E3. Hold off a few weeks if you’re in the market, kiddies. Read More

  • Latest "Get a Mac" video gives me the sense they've jumped the shark

    Apple needs to revamp their ad campaign. I’m perfectly content with their iPod/iTunes commercials, but these “Get a Mac” ads are getting old and not as funny as they used to be. What do you guys think? Read More

  • Zune ad team, I don't get it

    http://images.soapbox.msn.com/flash/soapbox1_1.swfVideo: Zune TV Spot Between the new Zune ads and Sony’s PS3 gibberish, I’m beginning to lose faith that I’ll ever see a good advert ever, again. This new ad is very arsty fartsy, but I don’t understand what’s going on in it. He’s watching a video of animated ice cream, which makes him daydream about climbing a… Read More

  • You Make It You: First Zune 2 ad

    v2.0 of the Zune is fast approaching its November 13th launch date and the first ad appeared yesterday revolved around the “You Make It You” campaign. I can’t quite understand what’s going on in the ad so watch for yourselves. A new site, http://www.zunejourney.net, was also launched for the campaign to help educate consumers on the basic features of the Zune and what to… Read More

  • Circuit City Ad Confirms Price Cuts For All Xbox 360 Systems

    Circuit City Ad Confirms Price Cuts For All Xbox 360 Systems

    The fate of the Xbox 360 core system is still up in the air, but this Circuit City ad all but confirms the price cuts across all 360 systems. Beginning August 12, the Elite gets a $30 drop to a more affordable $449.99 price point, the Premium edition drops to $349.99 and the Core system now competes with the Wii at $279.99. If the price cuts weren’t enough to get you in the store then how… Read More