Here’s Apple’s new iPhone ad for Game 7 of the World Series

Apple released a new video ad just in time for Game 7 of the World Series (that’s baseball, and it’s not really a “world” cup). And this is a good one.

Like previous ads, Apple is focusing on just one new feature in the iPhone 7. All of my friends have been asking me what’s new in the iPhone 7. After so many iterations, it’s hard to keep up with new features.

That’s why Apple needs to educate potential customers about what’s new. In this specific ad called “Dive,” you can see a very athletic man who is in his golden years. He challenges himself by diving from a high platform.

But first, he needs the right music to do it (“La Virgin de la Macarena” by Arturo Sandoval). The iPhone 7 stereo speakers are much louder compared to the one in the iPhone 6s. Sure, they don’t sound as good as your home speaker, but if you’re listening to a podcast while doing the dishes or are in a hotel room, they could still come in handy.

There are many visual and audio cues that make you understand that the speakers are louder. First, the trumpet is powerful and quite effective. Second, the water ripples around the phone and the fact that he still seems to be able to hear the music from the top of the diving platform show that it’s loud.

But the best part of the ad is probably the anxious anticipation of the dive. Until the very last second, you think it could end up being a marvelous belly flop. But our diving champion saves the day.