Apple’s new ad shows how Portrait mode changed this imaginary barbershop

Apple just released a new ad featuring the “practically magic” tagline at the end. The ad focuses on Portrait mode once again. It takes place in a barbershop in New Orleans.

Portrait mode is a software feature for the iPhone 7 Plus. It takes advantage of the two cameras to calculate different depth levels. It then automatically makes the background blurry so that it feels like you’re using an expensive DSLR camera.

In this ad, Portrait mode becomes the secret sauce of this small barbershop. After each haircut, they starting taking photos of their clients and then frame those portraits. Slowly but surely, people start lining up to get a haircut in this now famous barbershop.

It’s a playful ad with sepia colors and William Onyearbor’s song “Fantastic Man.” I can’t help but think about the logistical nightmare for the production team. There are a ton of different shots and framed prints just for a one-minute ad.

Twenty-four people got a haircut while shooting this ad and Apple donated the hair to Locks of Love, the non-profit charity that focuses on wigs for children.