• AVOS Acquires Link-Saving Service

    AVOS Acquires Link-Saving Service

    AVOS, the startup behind the newly re-launched, has acquired the link-saving service, the company announced in a blog post this afternoon. AVOS, which is led by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, says that’s “technology and insights will accelerate link-saving and searching capabilities in Delicious.” Read More

  • Delicious Fixes Firefox Extension, Starts “Bookmark Rescue Operation”

    Delicious Fixes Firefox Extension, Starts “Bookmark Rescue Operation”

    AVOS has been getting a whole lot of criticism by former Delicious users and fans – and even original founder Joshua Schachter – after the recent launch of the all-new Delicious. And granted, perhaps they would have been better off waiting a couple more months before launching. But AVOS quickly moved to fix some issues, and announced that it was working on fixing others. Read More

  • You Can Now Get A Taste Of The New Delicious (Screenshots + Video)

    You Can Now Get A Taste Of The New Delicious (Screenshots + Video)

    Delicious is back. Million dollar question is not: will you use the revamped social bookmarking service? But rather, will your mom, sister, and that dorky teenage kid from across the street use it? As you may have heard, Delicious was saved from Yahoo’s incompetent hands by AVOS, the new startup created by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, in April 2011. Today, AVOS is… Read More

  • Yahoo Sells Delicious To YouTube Founders

    Yahoo has finally found a buyer for long suffering Delicious. YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have acquired the company, says Yahoo, via a “new Internet company, AVOS.” We’re still gathering details, but here’s the official stuff: Read More

  • Google Courts Yahoo Users With New Delicious Bookmarks Importer Tool

    The Delicious saga continues … In reaction to what many have thought to be Yahoo’s mismanagement of the popular bookmarking service Delicious in the past couple of months, many people have tried to roll their own Delicious importers in hopes of taking advantage of the traffic exodus. Google too has today rolled out a Delicious migration tool for Google Bookmarks, to give people… Read More

  • Kevin Rose: Yahoo Contacted Digg To See If We Wanted To Take Over Delicious

    Kevin Rose: Yahoo Contacted Digg To See If We Wanted To Take Over Delicious

    It looks like Yahoo has been looking for a home for Delicious for some time now. On his Diggnation web show this week, Digg founder Kevin Rose said that Yahoo contacted Digg to see if the company would be interested in taking over Delicious prior to when an internal slide leaked indicating Yahoo wanted to get rid if it and before the December layoffs (which would put the time period at… Read More

  • What The "Great Delicious Exodus" Looked Like For Pin-Sized Competitor Pinboard

    When word got out two weeks ago that Yahoo is not 100% committed to Delicious, people who still use the bookmarking service started to panic and look for alternatives. One competing bookmarking site that some people turned to is Pinboard, a barebones bookmarking site which looks a lot like Delicious did in its early years: lean, no-frills, and very useful. The company saw an influx of… Read More

  • Delicious In Purgatory

    Delicious In Purgatory

    On December 16 Yahoo accidentally told the world they were shutting down popular bookmarking site Delicious. They fired most or all of the Delicious staff. Then they untold that story, saying they intended to sell it off and that the press got it all wrong. Ok great. So how’s that sale process going? Not so well, according to a handful of interested buyers I’ve spoken with. I know… Read More

  • Why Sunsetting Delicious Matters

    Yahoo, which earned $1.6 billion in revenue last quarter, is “sunsetting” Delicious because the unprofitable acquisition “is not a strategic fit“. The tech and blogger community, along with Delicious fans, are crying ‘no.’ Michael Arrington says Yahoo is in “absolute disarray“. Even though Yahoo’s Delicious home page says it’s… Read More

  • Yahoo Just Killed… Consumer Confidence In Them

    Yahoo Just Killed… Consumer Confidence In Them

    It has been fairly amazing to watch this Yahoo “sunsetting” news over the past 48 hours. It seemed to go from a bad leak, to huge backlash, to PR disaster, to confusion, to worse PR disaster. Now Yahoo, by way of Delicious (the most prominent service being “sunset”), has responded by lashing out at all the press for the coverage of the fiasco. Danny Sullivan just did… Read More

  • Is Yahoo Shutting Down [Update: Responds]

    For a couple of days now, we’ve been hearing rumors that the Yahoo layoffs included the entire Delicious team.  Now Former Yahoo employee and Upcoming founder Andy Baio has tweeted out the above Yahoo! product team meeting slide that seems to show that Yahoo! is either closing or merging the social bookmarking service as well as Upcoming, Fire Eagle, MyBlogLog and others. In some kind… Read More