Delicious Fixes Firefox Extension, Starts “Bookmark Rescue Operation”

AVOS has been getting a whole lot of criticism by former Delicious users and fans – and even original founder Joshua Schachter – after the recent launch of the all-new Delicious. And granted, perhaps they would have been better off waiting a couple more months before launching.

But AVOS quickly moved to fix some issues, and announced that it was working on fixing others.

In a new post on the ‘Delicious beta status blog’, AVOS has just announced that is has now fixed a problem with Firefox extensions, and more importantly, started a ‘bookmark rescue operation’ to appease former users who’ve lost their old Delicious bookmarks:

For those of you missed the opt-in warnings that Yahoo! has been sending out over the past few months, we are working on a solution to rescue your bookmarks. We have designed a crafty solution and should have more news tomorrow. Stay tuned…

As I wrote when the new Delicious launched, it doesn’t really matter whether the tech crowd falls in love with the service (again), but rather whether it can appeal to a mass audience.

That said, I think it’s probably a good idea for AVOS to demonstrate that they care and that they are willing to address old users’ concerns all the same.