You Can Now Get A Taste Of The New Delicious (Screenshots + Video)

Delicious is back. Million dollar question is not: will you use the revamped social bookmarking service? But rather, will your mom, sister, and that dorky teenage kid from across the street use it?

As you may have heard, Delicious was saved from Yahoo’s incompetent hands by AVOS, the new startup created by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, in April 2011.

Today, AVOS is relaunching Delicious, which they say was “rebuilt from the ground up”. In an interview with AllThingsD, Hurley says Delicious is a great brand that “belongs in Silicon Valley”.

Whatever that means, their mission will be to make Delicious popular among people that couldn’t care less about Silicon Valley but want to discover great content on the Web all the same.

(What if Twitter, Facebook and Google+ already solved that particular problem adequately?)

On the new Delicious website, you’ll find little references to ‘bookmarking’ as such. Rather, the revamped service aims to sway users into saving and sharing ‘stacks’ of online content with others. A stack is a collection of links built around a common theme or topic that can be shared in full with other users, enabling easy and swift discovery of online content by cutting through the noise.

AVOS calls said stacks ‘playlists for the Web’, which I think is an apt metaphor.

Also new: multi-word tags (e.g. “TechCrunch rocks”) and media previews. And wave goodbye to ‘network’, ‘fans’ and ‘subscriptions’, because the new Delicious is adopting the ‘Following’ concept we’ve learned to love thanks to Twitter, Facebook and other popular services.

If you used to be a Delicious user and would like to know what the transition means for you, go check out this support thread (particularly the last item).

Note that this is merely the first iteration; from the sound of it, AVOS has bigger plans for Delicious.

Anyhoo, screenshots (and demo video)!