• Bose Out To Beat Dr. Dre With Cheaper On-Ear Headphones

    Bose Out To Beat Dr. Dre With Cheaper On-Ear Headphones

    With the rise in popularity of Dr. Dre’s Beats, audio company Bose saw a niche they weren’t capitalizing on – the cohort of kids who aren’t afraid of paying $229 for a pair of wildly overpriced headphones. Their reaction? To create and sell a pair of lightweight, over-ear headphones for the cool crowd for $149. Called the OE2s, these headphones feature comfortable… Read More

  • Bose’s Series 2 Bluetooth Headset Packs 2 Mics, Hefty Price Tag

    Bose’s Series 2 Bluetooth Headset Packs 2 Mics, Hefty Price Tag

    Looks like Bose is taking another swing at phone accessories because the company has just revealed their new Series 2 Bluetooth headset. So what exactly does Bose bring to the party this time? Aside from the basics, like A2DP streaming and multiple ear tips in the box, the Series 2 has a few new tricks up its sleeves. Read More

  • Bose Announces Two Soundbar Systems

    Bose Announces Two Soundbar Systems

    Bose just announced two soundbar systems for home theaters, the Lifestyle 135 System and CineMate 1 SR System. The devices use a single bar to emit what many would call surround-sound audio and can be mounted almost anywhere in the room in almost any position. The Lifestyle includes a small console with four HDMI inputs, a tuner, and an iPod/iPhone dock. The CineMate simply connects to any TV… Read More

  • Xbox Head Robbie Bach Snapped Up By Sonos

    Xbox Head Robbie Bach Snapped Up By Sonos

    Robbie Bach, 22 year veteran of Microsoft and most recently the company’s Xbox division, has moved to Sonos. Sonos head John MacFarlane pulled Bach out of semi-retirement in order to help with their retail presence. Sonos makes audio sharing devices for the home, creating seamless soundscapes in multiple rooms using hardware that, for the most part, surpasses a standard set of… Read More

  • Bose Founder Gives Away The Company – To MIT

    Here’s an unexpected development. Dr. Amar Bose (founder of… you know, Bose) has made quite a gift to his alma mater, MIT — in fact, he’s essentially given away the company. The gift comprises a majority of the shares of the company, albeit in non-voting form, so MIT won’t be running the company. Instead, they’ll be raking in the dividends, likely to fund a… Read More

  • $1000 iPad B&O Speaker Dock: Fools And Money, Soon Parted

    Have you been asking “How can I attach my iPad to a comical-looking speaker dock so I can, presumably, leave said iPad and dock on a very large table?” If you haven’t, why not? Bang & Olufsen, the rich man’s Bose, just released this massive dock for the iPad, allowing you to connect and play music and media from the iPad. Read More

  • The Bose VideoWave Is A Little Much Even For Bose

    Bose showed off their latest innovation yesterday: The VideoWave, an average 46-inch LCD with an enlarged Wave Radio speaker setup bolted on the backside. It’s expensive. Of course it’s expensive. I mean, it’s a Bose system. Did you expect anything less? However, it’s a tad too expensive at $5,349 and I believe Bose knows this. Now, I understand Bose and their… Read More

  • Bose's VideoWave: 46-inch TV With Built-In Sound That's Actually Good (Plus Fancy Touch-sensitive Remote)

    Ahem. Well, Bose also had some news of its own today. It announced the existence of something called the VideoWave. It’s a 46-inch LCD TV, which, by itself, isn’t so exciting. What is exciting is the fact that the sound the TV produces is actually… how should I put this? Really, really great. Yes, that’ll do. Read More

  • New Bose Headphones Are Made For Mobiles

    No, that picture is not Kratos’ new weapon in God of War 3, though you could be forgiven for thinking so. Note to PR people: when your product goes in someone’s ears, try not to make it look like a weapon. The reflections aren’t helping. Read More

  • Bose hops on the wireless streaming bandwagon

    Wireless has always been the new exciting thing in consumer electronics. Remote controls, game console controllers, Sony’s <a href=""wireless power transfer, and now Bose is taking another foray into the action. Their second wireless-capable device, The Wave Music… Read More

  • Review: Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of tech reporting it’s that you should never say Bose makes good products. Bose, like Apple, is a lightning rod for informed and uninformed attacks from both the pro and con camps and to say they do things well – or poorly – is a dangerous proposition. That said, I’m here to tell you that if you travel a lot then… Read More