• Classy CIA exploit makes you part of the .GOV

    In line with the government-certified 8GB flash drive we just posted here’s a fun trick you can play on your local G-Men. There’s a search exploit at cia.gov that lets you type in any URL and have it pop up under the cia.gov URL. Great for phishing and scamming, kids, and even more fun for procuring government funds for your blog. Read More

  • Mötley Crüe release their new single straight to Rock Band

    I guess they just know their audience, or maybe they play the game a lot themselves and thought it worked well. Either way, these old-school glam-rockers are releasing their single “Saints of Los Angeles” through Rock Band. I can’t think of any jokes that relate this event to the obvious TLJ/Pamela Anderson situation, so please try to imagine something funny during this… Read More

  • Cuill Secures $25M More For Next Generation Search

    Cuill, a stealth search engine company we first covered in September, has raised $25M in a Series B round led by Madrone Capital Partners and joined by Tugboat Ventures and Greylock Partners. Not a whole lot is known about Cuill except that it apparently can index the web at 1/10th the cost of Google. The startup was founded by search experts, two of which came from Google. It has been… Read More

  • HP, DreamWorks develop 30-bit LED-backlit LCD

    HP and DreamWorks, two titans of something, have joined forces, not unlike Voltron, to develop a new LED-backlit LCD technology that “provides accurate, predictable color and a simple color management process.” Let me translate. You know how when you view an LCD sometimes colors will look different depending where on the panel they are? I guess that’s a big enough problem… Read More

  • Kingston introduces government-certified DT BlackBox USB Drive

    Kingston Technology has announced the most secure USB drive ever. So secure that it is the first USB drive to have been FIPS-certified by the U.S. Government. The Kingston DataTraveler BlackBox has 256-bit hardware-based AES encryption, as well as a system to lock the drive after 10 unsuccessful password attempts. When I say “lock” I mean that not even the owner can retrieve… Read More

  • T-Mobile Shadow 2 steps into the light

    We don’t know too much, but apparently this is the Shadow 2 from HTC that will launch with T-Mobile some time in the fall. TmoNews tells us this will have MyFaves. Wait a second. Don’t all the new T-Mo phones have MyFaves? Oh wow, breaking news, but I digress. It’s also purported to have Hotspot@Home service which is nice. No word on whether it will be 3G, but let’s… Read More

  • Samsung: Hydrogen fuel cell phones as early as 2010?

    Fuel cell technology is creating a new but interesting technology, and in the near future hydrogen fuel cells might power everything. Samsung is confident cellphones will be one of the first things on the list to go hydrogen, and says that such cellphones might be in your hands in less than two years. In theory, you could add water to your phone and it would work for 10 hours of standby… Read More

  • Tax Day: Spend your rebate on anything interesting?

    It’s April 15, Tax Day here in the U.S. and unless you’re Wesley Snipes, you’ve no doubt paid your fair share to The Man. But, but! what did you/will you do with your tax refund? Stash it in the bank? Blow it on Johnny Walker? Travel? Or, relevant to us here, buy some tech toy that you really don’t need but want anyway? I think I’ll put some of my rebate toward… Read More

  • PS3 firmware gets updated to 2.30 [Update]

    Reader Mark sends us word that the latest firmware, 2.30, is now live for the PS3. Like the subject says, just turned on my PS3 and updated to 2.30 with the
    new Playstation Store. Which is WAY better than the old one. Kind of take a
    while to load some icons…but if you highlight over the blank boxes it
    displays what it is so it’s cool… Anyway, yeah, new update. Mark continues… Read More

  • Nvidia 8800GT for old Mac Pros now available

    Attention, owners of old Mac Pros. You can now, if you so desire, upgrade your graphics card to the Nvidia 8800GT for the reasonable price of $279. Apparently there was some sort of hullabaloo earlier this year because the previously released 8800GT only worked with just-released Mac Pro. Owners of older systems complained and complained, Steve Jobs apologized (sorta) and told them the upgrade… Read More

  • Programmer proposes by hacking 'Bejeweled'

    Congratulations to Bernie Peng and his soon-to-be-wife Tammy Li! The happy couple just got engaged via a hacked version of “Bejeweled” that Bernie programmed to reveal his proposal once Tammy hit a certain score. Seattle-based PopCap, makers of “Bejeweled,” is so F-ing excited about all the publicity this little stunt has created that it’s offered to fly the Pengs… Read More

  • Awesome: Hobbyist builds possible cancer-curing machine in his garage

    We all have hobbies. I like to take photos of my friends getting drunk and looking good. I also play Xbox. Many people, though, tinker in their garages, these endeavors bringing us The Clapper, Rollerblades, and many things you see on late-night infomercials. Or you could cure cancer, as John Kanzius is doing now. Kanzius has developed a machine that uses radio waves and nanoparticles to… Read More

  • Where Have All the Bold VCs Gone?

    As startups become cheaper to launch, more and more venture capitalists are finding themselves left out in the cold. Either angel investors are beating them to the punch in funding new startups, or Google buys them before any VC even gets to hear the company’s pitch. In fact, angels invested $26 billion in startups last year, nearly as much as the $29 billion invested by venture firms. Read More

  • Photokina 2008 is coming

    The third week of September, 2008, is notable for a few reasons. For one, Neil Diamond is playing in Seattle that week. For another, the Photokina trade fair happens in Cologne, Germany. Photokina is like CES for photographers and imagers of all kinds. This is where the latest and greatest DSLRs will be announced as well as tons of fun lenses and other gear. Canon, Nikon, and Pentax are… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Iron Man unlockable armor shots

    Excited for Iron Man yet? The game’s May 2 release date—one day after the CrunchGear party, for the record—draws nearer. As such, tidbits of gameplay information continue to trickle out, today being no different. A handful of screenshots of unlockable armor have surfaced, much to the delight of Peter “Iron-Man-This-Iron-Man-That” Ha. It’s all he talks about… Read More

  • Cloud File Services Springing Up Everywhere, But Where's My GDrive?

    Two more startups have released services for storing, syncing, and sharing files in the cloud over the past week…but still no sign of Google’s GDrive. Syncplicity launches today with the same value propositions as SugarSync, which we reviewed in March. Syncplicity can be used not only to automatically back up files from anywhere on your computer but to sync files between computers… Read More

  • Kohler Lasco speakers like to get wet

    You know what sucks? When you’re taking a bath and listening to your music and you put your head under the water and you can no longer hear your music! That just sucks! I wish there were some sort of underwater speaker system for bathtubs that I could plug my iPod into so I could enjoy the sweet, sweet playlist I made while relaxing in the tub. Ah, well, I’ll just have to turn it up. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: New Madden features to appear weekly on GameStop site

    Electronic Arts makes up some 11 percent of all GameStop sales. No wonder, then, that the two have struck a deal wherein EA will exclusively reveal new Madden NFL 09 features to GameStop’s blog in the weeks prior to the game’s launch in August. One of the major innovations EA has up its careworn sleeves is controllable player celebrations. Now, every time you score a touchdown… Read More

  • DataPortability Launches New Logo Contest

    The fledgling DataPortability workgroup, led by Chris Saad, had a bit of a panic attack in February when they received a Cease & Desist letter from RedHat over their alleged use of the Fedora logo. Instead of fighting it in court, the workgroup decided to ditch the old logo and hold a new logo contest instead. The winner would get a lot of attention, and a number of blogs and startups threw… Read More

  • Major Security Hole at Tumblr

    It’s not a good day for tumbleblogging. Someone over at Hacker News just noticed that users can access an admin panel for the site by entering a simple admin URL after signing in. Among the capabilities exposed is the ability to search for users and reset their passwords. You can also change their email addresses, view their activity logs, and change other miscellaneous settings like… Read More

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