• Death Looms Near

    quotes Thomas’ famous villanelle “Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night.” The end of the intro has a blurry image and it’s rather difficult to make out what it is. Anyone care to speculate? (Thanks Stephen!) Read More

  • Weekly Crunch: Launch Edition

    Weekly Crunch: Launch Edition

    PS3 Launch In New York: Rain, Rap, and Brits
    Live from New York, It’s Wii
    Yo-Yos Get Extreme Over At YoYoNation.com
    The Dream Of A 10-Gram Camera
    Apple In Talks to Intro iPod Dock Connectors to Airlines Read More

  • Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford

    Today I’ll be at Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford which features, among others, people like Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn.com), Om Malik (author of GigaOm and contributing editor to Business 2.0) and Alex Welch, CEO, founder of Photobucket. Tune in later today for some coverage of the event (assuming they let me into the WiFi, of course). Read More

  • Money Monday: CreateMyNet and SiteVista

    Money Monday: CreateMyNet and SiteVista

    In our first “Money Mondays” we showcase two startups looking for their first round of proper funding. If you would like to be part of a Money Mondays showcase, see here for more information and here for details, and here for the contact form. They say: “CreateMyNet allows people to build business and professional network communities… via secure environments that… Read More

  • Web 1.0 Undead Rise: AGLOCO

    We don’t always slam a company just for taking a new spin on an idea that didn’t fly in the bubble. But if the founders of the new company were part of the old company, and the business model looks a lot like a pyramid scheme, and they are saying publicly that the only reason it didn’t work the first time around was because the market crashed at the wrong time, we’re… Read More

  • oDesk Hits MileStones, Lowers Fees

    oDesk Hits MileStones, Lowers Fees

    On Tuesday, Silicon Valley based oDesk will announce that they hit a number of milestones and will lower pricing. We first profiled the company in early September and it is our opinion that oDesk fills an important niche in the startup world – helping companies find outsourced development help for projects. oDesk is a place to find developers to build software, and they allow the… Read More

  • New Dash Entry: Another from rGoodwin

    In this short, rGoodwin puts his phone in the closet, where it belongs. Remember: just a few more hours to submit your entries. Here’s what to do: Grab a webcam or video camera. Shoot a one minute video of you telling me to stay strong and your best advice for helping me rid my bloodstream of the mad-eyed toxin we call cellphones. Remind me that carrying around four cellphones is… Read More

  • PS3 Shortage Solved: Some Jerk Bought 200

    PS3 Shortage Solved: Some Jerk Bought 200

    Looks like we’ve found all the missing PS3s — some eBay punk bought up 200 and is selling them at probably 200% profit. Way to screw with babies, dude. Why not go to a day care and steal a bunch of blankies. Then beat up a kid for his Pokemon cards. These appear to be overseas models, so who knows what that means for buyers in the U.S. PlayStation 3 Shortages [DavidCiccone] Read More

  • Wii Unboxing

    Vincent over at SlashGear fought off a sick kid and his mom to get a Nintendo Wii. Marvel at his amazement. Be amazed at his marvelment. Unboxing [SlashGear] Read More

  • iPhone Story on CNBC: Meh

    A fairly nebulous story on the iPhone. Looks like the MSM is picking up on rumors. Read More

  • Live from New York, It's Wii

    Live from New York, It's Wii

    Throngs of rabid fans in Times Square is nothing new. With the MTV studios across the street this is practically a daily happening. But it wasn’t the latest hip-hop artist, boy band or even Britney that brought out the masses. The crowds this time were at the world’s largest Toy R Us. And what brought them out on this chilly November evening? Read More

  • Replacing DRM With A Music Tax Is Incredibly Stupid

    A couple of weeks ago The Register’s Andrew Orlowski published an interview with Peter Jenner about the future of the major music labels and DRM. A number of blogs picked up the story and wrote about it in a resoundingly positive way. It certainly starts off well – Peter Jenner is a respected figure in the music industry (he was Pink Floyd’s first manager, as well as managing… Read More

  • Optimus Taking Pre-Orders For Full-Sized Keyboard

    Optimus Taking Pre-Orders For Full-Sized Keyboard

    Surely you recall the Optimus Keyboard, a 103-key gadget of awesomeness where each key is a tiny LCD that’s individually reprogrammable. Well some news is finally coming out again: the keyboard will be available for pre-order starting December 12th. Price and quantity available have not been announced but there are some rumors that it might cost something in the $200 range. While… Read More

  • Yahoo's Brad Garlinghouse Makes His Power Move

    Brad Garlinghouse, the Yahoo SVP who owns massive pieces of the overall organization (front page, mail, IM, etc.) wrote an email memo to senior staff about his views on the state of Yahoo. The entire email, including typos, was reprinted by the Wall Street Journal today and is copied below. The memo calls for a top-down overhaul of Yahoo to eliminate redundancies and expedite decision… Read More

  • More Dash Detox Entries

    We just received a couple more entries for the Dash Detox Contest. First up comes from CrunchGear reader Josh. It’s a parody of the old favorite “your brain on drugs.” Funny stuff. Next we have “an open letter from John Biggs’ dog,” from CG reader Erik. Thanks for the entries so far everyone. You still have a couple more days if you want to participate. You… Read More

  • AMD Aims at Living Room

    AMD Aims at Living Room

    AMD has developed a prototype media vault device that can be used to store and stream content to TVs and PCs. The, as of yet, unnamed device is aimed directly at the market Apple hopes to broach next year with its iTV. While there are few details currently available about the AMD prototype, Joe Menard, the corporate VP at AMD, speculates that we could begin seeing the AMD media device… Read More

  • PlayStation 3 Launch Line for Charity

    PlayStation 3 Launch Line for Charity

    So the PS3 launched yesterday to the tune of 400,000 units across the US. Gamers everywhere swarmed electronics stores hoping to get their hands on one of the coveted consoles. There were all sorts of reports of violence and general shenanigans. One PS3 was even smashed right in front of the store it was purchased at, while those waiting in line looked on in disgust and horror. This story is a… Read More

  • The Gama Watch Tells Time, RADs

    Sometimes we find gadgets on the Interwebs and we have no idea who the target demographic is. Others are aimed far more steadily at a specific audience. Take, as an example, this Gamma Watch. It’s not called a Gamma Watch just because it sounds cool, it’s called Gamma Watch because it’s got a freakin’ radiation detector in it. Sure, it doesn’t offer any… Read More

  • Add Snap Previews to Any Site For Free

    One thing people really like about the Snap search engine is that it gives a large preview screen of every search result. The idea is that users can save time by seeing the site before they click to it. That can be an advantage when wading through increasingly sophisticated SEO and spoof sites that aren’t relevant to your search. Snap has 300 million stored site images, updated… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Temple of Zune Edition

    Daily Crunch: Temple of Zune Edition

    G-Tech Fabric Keyboard Hits Major Retailer For The Holidays
    Holidays 2006: The Season’s Best Home-Theater-In-A-Box Systems
    Daisy MP3 Player Brings Hope To The Open Source World
    Helio Drift Gets a Close-up
    Zune: Let’s All Go to the Social Read More