Jordan Crook

Jordan Crook

Jordan Crook is a writer/reporter based out of Brooklyn, NY. She writes about things teens like. She snaps innocent selfies and vines nudes. She has written for publications such as Mobile Marketer and MobileBurn.

She is now a writer at TechCrunch.

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  • Red Bull Creation Spawns Wheelie Mobile, Spinning See-Saw, And Other Crazy Contraptions

    Red Bull Creation Spawns Wheelie Mobile, Spinning See-Saw, And Other Crazy Contraptions

    Red Bull gives you wings, right? Well, apparently it also gives 16 teams the energy necessary to build brand new and quite random inventions as a part of Red Bull’s annual Red Bull Creation event. In a nutshell, Red Bull throws out a secret theme at the very beginning of the weekend and teams are asked to create gizmos and gadgets that exemplify that theme, all in a matter of 72… Read More

  • HTC Status Goes Up For Pre-Order On AT&T

    HTC Status Goes Up For Pre-Order On AT&T

    The Facebook-centric HTC Status smartphone is now available for pre-order from AT&T, with an official launch date of July 17. We knew the Status (once the ChaCha) was officially headed to AT&T, and we had pegged the launch for July, but we didn’t know pricing or availability details until today. The HTC Status will cost you $50 with a new two-year agreement, an understandably… Read More

  • Size Does Matter: Android Mini-Tablet Projects Display Up To 100" In Size

    There are pros and cons to everything in this life, technology included. The more power you have packed into a device, the clunkier it usually is. If it’s cheap, it’s probably buggy. With mini-tablets, portability costs you screen size, which means a group experience is out of the question. Having 10 people huddled around a five-inch tablet to watch a YouTube video is hardly ideal. Read More

  • Apple Files Second Complaint Against HTC, Asks To Ban Imports

    It’s been a good year or so since Apple and HTC were originally duking it out in the court room over Android patent infringements. The case has gone rather quiet since its original filing, until today when the ITC posted a new complaint filed by Apple against HTC. This time, the Cupertino-based company hopes to block imports of “personal electronic devices” made by HTC. Read More

  • Microsoft Patent Describes Detachable Dual-Screen Device

    We have mixed feelings about dual-screen devices. The dual-screen Kyocera Echo landed rather flatly, despite its unique form-factor, and though we’re excited to see Sony’s folding S2 tablet up close, we’re still hesitant about all those hinges and springs. But Microsoft seems to be flirting with the idea of it, filing a patent that describes a dual-screen device (possibly… Read More

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread Headed To The HTC Droid Incredible 2

    If you’re a proud owner of the HTC Droid Incredible 2, get ready: your weekend just got a bit sweeter. Android 2.3 Gingerbread is on its way by means of an OTA update, and should bring with it all the goodies of Gingerbread, and then some. The file is 116MB, and according to Verizon, the process should take about 20-30 minutes of your time. Read More

  • Motorola Continues Locked Bootloader Policy On Droid 3 (For Now)

    Listen up, hackers. This one’s for you. Motorola’s Droid 3 is finally out and about in all of its tech spec glory, but one thing’s missing: an unlocked bootloader. That’s right, Motorola’s gone and done it again, locking Droid 3 owners in an Android cage, just like Atrix owners, Droid 2 owners, and the list goes on. Read More

  • Apple Patents Surface Describing Conductive Chargeable Stylus

    Two Apple patents have just surfaced in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, both of which describe methods for stylus input on a capacitive touchscreen, as well as other surfaces. Now, Apple hearts patenting things, whether the company actually has plans to act on them or not. Many of them end up untouched, and even forgotten, so there’s no telling if we’ll ever see a super cool… Read More

  • Target Slaps Ridiculously Low Price Tags On The Samsung Droid Charge and LG Revolution

    Target Slaps Ridiculously Low Price Tags On The Samsung Droid Charge and LG Revolution

    Everybody wants a 4G-capable phone. That’s a given. The only issue is that, like all new technology, they cost a pretty penny, especially from good ol’ Big Red. As in, way more than we’re used to seeing on any smartphone (most high-end handsets cost around $200). Luckily, Target has stepped in to alleviate some of the cost on at least two 4G LTE-capable phones, offering the… Read More

  • LG Struggles Through First Half Of 2011, Cuts Smartphone Sales Target By 20%

    LG has thrown in the towel, as it were, on its original goal to sell 30 million smartphones in 2011. After having delayed the worldwide launch of it’s beastly Optimus 3D smartphone, and losing its smartphone boss to Apple’s South Korean unit, LG hasn’t exactly been thriving. The new goal for 2011 is 24 million smartphone units sold, and overall handset shipments falling… Read More

  • Gameloft Gives Away 3 Android HD+ Titles This Weekend

    Happy weekend, everyone! Yes, I know there’s still an entire unending work day ahead of us, but Gameloft is looking to start the transition into weekend mode sooner rather than later. Thus, we have Gameloft’s crazy “Three4Free” giveaway, where the publisher will give away one Andriod HD+ title for free during a two-hour window each day of this weekend. Read More

  • Nokia Pledges To Support MeeGo For Years

    Nokia Pledges To Support MeeGo For Years

    Meego, once a highly anticipated OS intended to go head to head with iOS and Android, now finds itself on just one phone, and although it hasn’t been said outright, it seems unlikely there will be many more — if any at all. Still, those of you rocking MeeGo’s only host, the Nokia N9 are “not to worry.” OS updates and hardware support are still on the table. Read More

  • Motorola (Re)Posts Droid 3 Tutorial Videos

    Where have I seen this video before? It was released today, but is still… oddly familiar. Oh, that’s right, it was leaked about a month ago, and then abruptly pulled by Motorola. The star of the show, Motorola’s Droid 3, made its way onto the market this morning, officially going live on Verizon’s site for $199.99 on a two-year agreement. Read More

  • Kobo eReader Touch Edition Gets Updated With Font Customization

    We had mixed feelings when it came to Kobo’s Touch Edition eReader. Specifically, we felt that the device was “not really a better reading experience than other devices (though not a worse).” However, that sentiment might change since the Kobo eReader Touch Edition is getting an update, which should bring with it some cool new customization features. Read More

  • CivWorld For Facebook Beta Goes Live… If You Can Get It To Load (Update)

    Back in May, we reported that Sid Meier’s Civilization game would be migrating over to Facebook under a new name, Civilization World. Today, the Facebook game went live in its beta version, and we’re more than excited to get civilized. Read More

  • Apple Loses Preliminary Injunction In Amazon "App Store" Scuffle

    Judge Phyllis Hamilton, who is presiding over the Amazon-Apple “app store” war, certainly meant it when she said she would “probably” reject Apple’s request for a preliminary injunction. And that’s exactly what she did. Hamilton earlier referred to Apple’s proof as a “stumbling block” in its case against Amazon, noting that there… Read More

  • Motorola Droid 3 Hits Verizon's Shelves For $199.99 On-Contract

    Even though Verizon tried to pull a fast one on us by skipping pre-order altogether, we were still accurate when we originally pegged the Droid 3 arrival for today, July 7. That’s right folks, the Motorola Droid 3 is available now from Verizon, and she’s a beauty. Big red lists the phone for $459.99 off-contract, and $199.99 with a new or upgraded two-year contract. Read More

  • Exec Pleads Guilty To Wire Fraud After Spilling Apple's Secrets

    If I can steal a quote from Mr. Shimoon, Apple has long been “crazy” about keeping new products a secret. Analysts love to throw out prediction after prediction, but when we get down to the truth of the matter, none of us knows anything about Apple’s secrets until Jobs himself wants us to. That is, except for component suppliers and their employees, one of which today… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile To Switch Up Plan Prices, Drop $10 Monthly BlackBerry Fee?

    Earlier today we received word from a tipster that Virgin Mobile will be switching up its plan rates in the near future, likely sometime this month. The new rates add $10 to the price of the 300-minute plan (was $25, will be $35), $5 to the 1200 minute plan (was $40, will be $45), while dropping the price of the unlimited everything plan from $60 to $55. Virgin Mobile offers unlimited text… Read More

  • Analyst Predicts Higher-Res "iPad 2 Plus" Will Launch In Late 2011

    Word on the street, specifically Wall St., is that Apple has an “iPad 2 Plus” in the works, with plans to ship in late 2011. Go ahead and grab a salt-shaker now, because despite the truckload of congruent predictions, I still don’t quite buy it. FBR Capital Markets’ Craig Berger claimed earlier today that Apple has asked for component suppliers’ quotes to build… Read More