Jordan Crook

Jordan Crook

Deputy Editor

Jordan Crook is the Deputy Editor of TechCrunch. She writes about internet culture, social networks, and consumer-facing technology. Jordan leads programming on TechCrunch\’s flagship event, the world-renowned Disrupt conference. You may recognize her from her appearances hosting that event and moderating panels and fireside chats.

She has written for publications such as Mobile Marketer and MobileBurn.

You can email her at

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Software as a service (SaaS) — both a revelation and a revolution — completely disrupted the decades-old software selling paradigm. It turned buying software from an infrequent, high-cost and, for

Did Netflix ruin Formula 1 with ‘Drive To Survive’?

If you followed along with the 2021-22 Formula 1 season, you know that Netflix’s latest installment of Formula 1: Drive To Survive is certain to be a doozy. Luckily, the wait is nearly over. Dri

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Early startup founders may truly believe they’ll become the dominant player and capture their total addressable market (TAM). Most investors aren’t interested unless that number starts with a B. H

Zaya Care partners with payers to bring the European model of maternal care to the States

Despite the fact that we spend more on healthcare per capita, the U.S. leads the wealthy world in maternal mortality. And health inequity plays a big part. Zaya Care, founded by Leoni Runge, operates

Spotify bounces back as Discord hobbles back online after outage

Spotify and Discord both appear to be down. TechCrunchers and the Twittersphere alike are experiencing difficulty logging in to Spotify. Folks are reporting on Twitter that opening the Spotify app on

Slava Rubin and Sahil Lavingia break down crowdfunding options at TechCrunch Early Stage

Sure, you can find plenty of big-name companies that bootstrapped their way to success without any outside investment — Calendly, GoPro, MailChimp and SPANX come to mind. Historically though, the ma

Stellation Capital’s Peter Boyce outlines how to get the best investors and terms for your Series A fundraise at TechCrunch Early Stage

Congratulations. You’ve built a startup with a solid track record that includes an MVP, an established user base and maybe even consistent revenue. You’ve delivered on your early milestones and se

Figma brings whiteboarding to the iPad

Collaboration has always been at the heart of what Figma does. Founder Dylan Field worked for years before launching Figma with the sole mission of making design a multiplayer game. Since launch, the’s Brian Rothenberg explains growth marketing strategies that don’t break the bank at TC Early Stage

Every founder wants to crack the code that will let them attract, engage and retain lots of customers quickly, consistently and at scale. Marketing tactics from the “aughts” — like email blasts

Inside the pitch deck that won Heartbeat Health’s first investment check

"We look for founders who have a combination of domain insight and domain experience," said Kindred Ventures' Kanyi Maqubela.

The Found podcast is coming to you live in March with Cityblock’s Toyin Ajayi and Tala’s Shivani Siroya

The early bird gets the worm. And what is the startup world if not a bunch of early birds snatching up an excess of worms? And yet I come bearing even more worms. (This is getting weird, but roll with

Greylock’s Glen Evans shares strategies for hiring top talent in a hyper-competitive market at TechCrunch Early Stage

Before anyone ever heard of COVID-19, recruiting and hiring the best people to help build a successful startup was challenging enough. Now consider the pandemic and the seismic shift it caused in the

GV’s Terri Burns outlines the essential dos and don’ts of finding product-market fit at TechCrunch Early Stage

Here’s what you’ll learn at TechCrunch Early Stage in San Francisco this April

TechCrunch Early Stage is the ultimate educational resource for a founder who is just getting started. We’ve tapped experts across myriad startup core competencies, from fundraising to operation

Bessemer’s Mary D’Onofrio demystifies early ARR growth at TechCrunch Early Stage

If you’re a founder building a startup in the cloud and pinning your revenue on subscription-based services, annual recurring revenue (ARR) is an essential metric you need to understand. ARR is prob

Come hang with us for live recordings of TechCrunch podcasts Equity and Found

Are you a numbers nerd? A people person? In either case, there’s a TechCrunch podcast for you. TechCrunch’s premier (only) podcasts Equity and Found are kicking off 2022 with live recordin

Cooks Venture, the chicken company with big dreams, eats up $50M

Chicken is the most consumed meat in the United States and the world. And yet, the system in place to breed and feed and raise all this chicken is incredibly detrimental to our overall well-being. It

Crisp convinces more investors that it will rid the world of empty grocery store shelves

As we enter Junior Year of the global pandemic, the sight of empty or near-empty grocery store shelves has returned from its debut in early 2020. And if it’s a headache for us, the end consumers

After QuizUp and Trivia Royale, Thor Fridriksson’s next act is a mobile MMO

QuizUp founder Thor Fridriksson is at it again. The Icelandic serial entrepreneur is two-for-two in creating viral mobile games, but has thus far struck out in turning those into viable businesses. To

Dogs aren’t just a vibe, they’re a lifestyle, and Fable built a brand to match

The way that recent generations of consumers treat(!) their dogs is vastly different than those who have come before. It’s gotten to the point that it’s memeable.   View this post on
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