XPrize’s $5 million AI competition is down to 59 teams

A year after launching, the IBM Watson-sponsored AI XPrize has been whittled down to 59 teams. That number’s down from 147 in May, which, in turn, was pulled from a list of 10,000 signups. The goal

Global Learning XPRIZE awards $1 million each to final five teams

The Global Learning XPRIZE, an international competition to create educational software, has reached its penultimate stage: 5 teams out of an initial pool of nearly 200 have been selected to receive $

Literacy XPRIZE starts field tests of semifinalist apps in LA, Philadelphia and Dallas

Literacy is a serious problem all over the world -- even in our little utopia. While a touch-up of our education and support systems would probably be the best fix in the long term, we all know that's

There are 147 teams competing in XPrize’s broad-ranging AI competition

The Xprize foundation has whittled its latest competition down from 10,000 sign ups to 147 teams in its first-ever “open” competition. Announced in June of last year, the IBM Watson AI Xprize is t

Semi-finalists named in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE

The Shell Oil-sponsored Ocean Discovery XPrize moves to the semi-finalist stage this week with 21 teams from 25 countries, including Canada, China, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Japan, New Zealand,

Qualcomm’s Tricorder XPRIZE is down to two finalists

A bit of a mutual admiration society has developed between the two finalists in Qualcomm’s $10 million Tricorder XPRIZE competition. Whatever animus might have developed in the nearly half-decade s

Crunch Report | Donald Trump Is 45th President of U.S.

Reactions to Trump as president, GoPro is recalling the GoPRo Drone, TeamIndus is a team of 100 engineers in India trying to get to the moon, Twitter gets twice the amount of traffic on election night

XPRIZE launches AI 2020 competition with IBM Watson

Close your eyes. What do you see when you think about artificial intelligence? Hal 9000 defying human orders? Ava savagely murdering her maker? What about ARIIA taking over the country from deep insi

Can tech teach kids to teach themselves? XPRIZE, Google, and the UN team up to find out

Hundreds of millions of kids around the world lack access to, among other things, basic education -- much less organized school systems with adequate teaching resources. XPRIZE is hoping that tech can

To the Moon! Lunar XPRIZE team looks to send Wikipedia into space aboard homemade rover

Quick: you can send 20 gigabytes of data to the moon. What's it going to be? Time's up! Wikipedia? What a coincidence — that's what the Part-Time Scientists, a team working on a homegrown lunar r

Google and J.J. Abrams team up on “Moon Shot,” a documentary series about the Lunar XPRIZE

J.J. Abrams, best known as the co-creator of the TV series “Lost” and director of recent “Star Trek” movies as well as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” is now bring

The New $7M Xprize Focuses On Mapping The World’s Oceans

The latest Xprize offers a total of $7 million for teams that advance ocean mapping technology. This is part of Xprize's broader ocean initiative, but Jyotika Virmani, senior director of ocean discove

XPrize’s Peter Diamandis: “We Can Predict A Photograph Of Your Face Based On Your Genome”

In one of those fun, wild science chats, both Google Ventures’ Bill Maris and XPRIZE head Peter Diamandis discussed a gamut of moonshots, including life extension research, sentient robots, and

Xprize Launches $7M Competition For Mobile Apps That Improve Adult Literacy

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.xprize.org">Xprize</a> may be best known for <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2015/01/26/google-lunar-xprize-awards-5-25-million-in-competitive-race-to-the-moon

New $15M Global XPrize Focuses On Bringing Basic Literacy to 250M Children Globally

XPRIZE, a nonprofit that runs competitions to stimulate technologists toward building products that improve humankind, is dipping its toes into basic education. They're launching a $15 million educ