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FIFA responds to requests for goal-line technology: ‘We already said no.’

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Fifa </a>, world soccer's organizing body, has responded to requests for <a

Video: World Cup's England-Germany proves once and for all that FIFA needs goal line technology immediately

Dear Fifa, Please wake up and smell the coffee: we need goal line technology, and we need it now. England’s Frank Lampard just had a 100 percent legitimate goal stricken from the record by some

FIFA says it will investigate the Jabulani ball after the World Cup. Maybe it should investigate itself while it's at it?

<img src="" />Sitting here watching Uruguay's Luís Suárez bury the ball into the back of the net (his second goal = !!!), I'm thinking

Cristiano Ronaldo now has a brand new Web site

<img src="" />It was only a few days ago that I <a HREF="

Google celebrates the World Cup with a goooooaaaaalllll

Ha! How did I miss this? Go ahead and search for something on Google, then scroll to the bottom of the page. Notice anything? And now we can all celebrate Italy’s elimination from the World Cup!

Elgato's EyeTV now blocks the World Cup's vuvuzela

How can you hate on the vuvuzela? Here’s another option if you’re one of those people who hate the sound of the vuvuzela during the World Cup. Elgato, makers of EyeTV 3, have developed a f

Nike's giant LED screen in Johanesburg has people Tweeting support for their favorite World Cup stars

<img src="" />Looks like <a HREF="">Nike</a> is up to quite a bit more in <a href="http://www.crunchge

Amazing Twitter World Cup mash-up needs to be seen right now

<img src="" />Whew! Day One of the <a HREF="">World Cup</a> is now behind us, and I wanted t

Kudos to ESPN's World Cup live stream

<img src="" />Here's a slight update to my World Cup "<a HREF="

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa: The Ultimate Guide To Digital Delight

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Today's the big day. TechCrunch turns <a href="

How to make the most of the World Cup: Apps, Web sites, podcasts and more!

<img src="" />Let's get down to business. The <a HREF="">World Cup</a> begins tomorrow, June 11, 201

FIFA Soccer 11, Pro Evolution Soccer 11 first details

<img src="" />Both EA and Konami have revealed details regarding the next <i>FIFA</i>, called <i>FIFA Soccer 10</i> in the U.S., and <i>P

Spain's David Villa: That second goal against Poland was something out of a video game

<img src="" />Continuing with our (well, <i>my</i>) nearly non-stop <a HREF="">World Cup</a>

Video: Snoop Dogg, David Beckham re-create Star Wars cantina scene for World Cup funsies

<img src="" />In the interest of killing two minutes of your time: the famous Star Wars cantina scene, as remixed by <a HREF="http://www.c

Jabulani designer defends World Cup ball, says players just not used to playing at altitiude

<img src="" />The lead developer of the <a HREF="">Jabulani</a>, the ball that will be used in the

How has the exciting world of technology changed since the last World Cup? Let us count the ways!

<img src="" />A little birdie told me that the <a HREF="">World Cup</a> begins in just a few w

It starts: Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas complains about Adidas Jabulani ball ahead of World Cup

<img src="" />Right on cue, then. 'Twas <a HREF="

Will the fancy-pants Jabulani perform at altitude at the World Cup?

<img src="" />Football (soccer) writers are typically terribly serious about what they do. Relax, buddy, it's just a game. A fun game, yeah,

UK misses out on Nike World Cup ad, Rooney red-hot with anger (maybe)

<img src="" />That <a HREF="">Ni

Video: Nike proves once and for all the world needs a bearded Rooney

We’re about three weeks away from the beginning of the World Cup. You know this because I’ve mentioned it over and over again since 2008. Fancy Adidas this, super-advanced Nike that. And s
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