New Website Captures World Cup History

If watching the 2014 World Cup just isn’t enough for you, a company based in Germany has launched a website that allows users to experience the history of the game back to the 1930s.

The “visual journey” through the World Cup allows users to select any competition from the past 84 years. Users can then watch video from the games, view pictures and read interesting facts. All of the information is aggregated from various existing websites, ranging from Wikipedia to FIFA.

Javier Rincon, from the revenue growth agency Proud Sugar, built the site with his team in just a few short weeks. They got the idea to put all of the information on one site when looking for answers to questions they had about the games, they realized information about the games was spread out over so many sites. He said their drive to complete the website was simple — that they loved the World Cup and knew other people did, too.

Rincon and his team are originally from Spain, and completed the website while watching their own team, the defending champion, get knocked out of the competition. “We understand it is a positive competition,” Rincon said. “We wanted to share what’s behind it with everyone else.”