• So It’s Like Color? Evertale Pivots, Launches Real-Time Photo Sharing App Wink

    So It’s Like Color? Evertale Pivots, Launches Real-Time Photo Sharing App Wink

    Evertale, a Copenhagen-based startup originally focused on creating an automatic log of your life, including everything from phone calls to checkins to photos taken, is pivoting. Or more accurately, it’s today launching a product born out of Evertale’s best feature – shared photo albums.  The new app, called Wink, joins the now fairly crowded space involving social… Read More

  • Shutterfly's Wink Gives You Photobooth Pictures Without The Booth

    Just a few months after Shutterfly bought Tiny Pictures, they’re already busy pumping out new products. The first is Wink, an iPhone app and web app that allows you to easily turn your pictures into photobooth-esque strips of pictures. They key to this app is that beyond your regular camera phone pictures, it gives you easy access to both your Facebook pictures (via Facebook Connect)… Read More

  • CEATEC: Hands on with Wink Glasses

    Matt wrote about Wink Glasses a couple of months ago. He was skeptical of their value. I found them on display at CEATEC 2009, and just had to try them out! In the photo above, you can see them in the “active” state, helpfully reminding me that it’s time to blink. Click on through for a thrilling video of Wink Glasses in action! HOT! Read More

  • Hint: Only wear the Wink Glasses when in the comfort of fellow nerds

    I’m guessing most of us have experienced the sensation of our eyes glossing over and and losing the ability to focus on the computer screen. It feels like your looking at Magic Eye art, almost like you’re looking through the screen. It usually happens after staring at the computer screen for endless hours during an all-nighter LAN party or while sitting in a cubical, mindlessly… Read More

  • And Wink Morph Into

    When and Wink announced their merger in early October 2008, the company indicated that it would be relaunching under a different brand name and with a completely overhauled website in early 2009. That day has finally come, and henceforth the merged companies will live on as MyLife. The website for already redirects to, while dedicated people search engine… Read More

  • People Search Engine So Good, It Will Scare Your Pants Off

    Google may be good at many things, but people search is not one of them. For that you’ll have to use a more specialized search engine. Spock and Wink (merged with are the people-search destinations most TechCrunch readers could probably name off the top of their head. However, slowly but surely—and mostly, very quietly—a new player has been making serious headway… Read More

  • Old Friends Wink And Reconnect, Merge

    People-search engine Wink has joined forces with, a hybrid people-search/social networking site, to create one giant hub for finding people you once knew but forgot to keep in touch with. The two companies have merged and will be launching a new website (and brandname) in early 2009, which the sites say will feature a total of 700 million user profiles. Wink allows users to… Read More

  • Wink's People Search Index Grows To 500 Million Profiles

    Wink, the search engine that lets you search user profiles across many social networks, has announced that it has indexed a whopping 500 million profiles worldwide – double the number it had twelve months ago. Wink also predicts similar growth in the future, with a projected 1 billion profiles indexed over the next year. Wink originally launched back in 2005 as a user-enhanced search… Read More

  • Biographicon Wants To Be Wikipedia For The Non-Notable Masses

    Having a page put up about you in Wikipedia is difficult, mostly because of the Notability requirement for inclusion – and you aren’t “notable” unless you’ve received significant media coverage elsewhere. Other services have filled in the gap for the billion or so people online who can’t get onto Wikipedia – sites like LinkedIn, Wink and Spock (as well… Read More

  • 150 Invites To For TechCrunch Readers

    New comer to the people search game is a Austrian based startup that is looking to provide a new take on the competitive people search market with a European focus. There’s no shortage of wannabes in this space. Spock, Wink, Zoominfo, WikiYou and PeekYou are a few companies we’ve reviewed previously. joins that list, but there are a few differences that… Read More

  • Attendi Wants to Search Inside Your Head

    As if the more than 20 billion Web pages out there aren’t enough, a new startup coming out of stealth mode today called Attendi has come up with a new twist on “people search.” This is not to be confused with the type of people search that Facebook is getting into (actually searching for people—see also Spock, Wink, Zoominfo, WikiYou and PeekYou), or the type of… Read More