An early TikTok exec just launched a dating app, Spark

A former president at (now known as TikTok), Alex Hofmann has already done something that seems impossible: He helped build an app that could compete with social giants like Meta, YouTube o

Crunch Report | SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch Planned for November

Falcon Heavy launch is set for November, acquires Wink and Stitch Fix has confidentially filed for an IPO. All this on Cruch Report. buys Wink, the smart home hub formerly owned by Flex and Quirky

Wink — the smart home hub and platform originally incubated inside the failed connected object maker Quirky, and then acquired by Flextronics (now known as Flex) as part-payment for Quirky&#821

August’s Smart Lock gets Wink integration for remote locking and actions

August’s Smart Lock gets a bit more useful today, thanks to newfound integration with connected home app, Wink. The app is already compatible with a number of third-party smart home devices, includi

Wink 2 Hub Review: A smart home hub built for the future

If the Amazon Echo is the face of home automation, a smart home hub is the brains. It sits silently, stuffed under a couch or on a bookshelf, connecting all the smart devices around a person’s home.

Wink’s smart home hub gets some key upgrades for its second generation

The smart home has come a long way in the two-plus years since the original Wink Hub was launched as a spinoff of New York-based hardware crowdsourcer, Quirky. Among other things, a number of major pl

Quirky Files For Bankruptcy While Flextronics Puts Up A $15M Bid For Wink

Quirky, the long-suffering startup that was once held up as a model for bridging the maker movement and corporate world, has filed for bankruptcy.

Watch Jeff Goldblum’s GE Link Spot, The Smartest Smart Home Ad Ever

Hey, who here gets excited about smart lightbulbs? Probably four of you raised your hands, and two of them were me. GE has taken a different approach to selling its new Link connected bulbs, eschewing

Wink’s Connected Home Collection Arrives At Home Depot

Everyone's gunning to be the platform for your smart home, including Apple and Google, but Quirky spin-off startup Wink has its range in stores as of today at The Home Depot, giving it access to a mar

Invention Machine Quirky Spins Out “Wink,” A New Business Focused On The Connected Home

New York-based “invention machine” Quirky, a company which turns crowdsourced ideas into real-world products you can buy like this popular flexible power strip, these connected milk jugs 

So It’s Like Color? Evertale Pivots, Launches Real-Time Photo Sharing App Wink

<a target="_blank" href="">Evertale</a>, a Copenhagen-based startup <a href="

Shutterfly's Wink Gives You Photobooth Pictures Without The Booth

<img src="" width="215" height="86" />Just a few months after <a href="

CEATEC: Hands on with Wink Glasses

<img src="" alt="wink_glasses_01" title="wink_glasses_01" />Matt wrote about <a href="

Hint: Only wear the Wink Glasses when in the comfort of fellow nerds

<img src="">I'm guessing most of us have experienced the sensation of our eyes glossing over and and losing the ability to focus on the com And Wink Morph Into

<img src="" alt="" /> When <a href=""></a> and <a href="">Wink</a> <a href="https://t People Search Engine So Good, It Will Scare Your Pants Off

<img src="" /> Google may be good at many things, but people search is not one of them. For that you'll have to use a more specialized s

Old Friends Wink And Reconnect, Merge

<img src="" class="shot2" /> People-search engine <a href="">Wink</a> has joined forces with <a href="

Wink's People Search Index Grows To 500 Million Profiles

<img src="" /> <a href="">Wink</a>, the search engine that lets you search user profiles across many

Biographicon Wants To Be Wikipedia For The Non-Notable Masses

Having a page put up about you in Wikipedia is difficult, mostly because of the Notability requirement for inclusion – and you aren’t “notable” unless you’ve received sig

150 Invites To For TechCrunch Readers

New comer to the people search game is a Austrian based startup that is looking to provide a new take on the competitive people search market with a European focus. There’s no shor
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