Hint: Only wear the Wink Glasses when in the comfort of fellow nerds

I’m guessing most of us have experienced the sensation of our eyes glossing over and and losing the ability to focus on the computer screen. It feels like your looking at Magic Eye art, almost like you’re looking through the screen. It usually happens after staring at the computer screen for endless hours during an all-nighter LAN party or while sitting in a cubical, mindlessly calling people to refi their mortgage with you. (experience talking there) These Wink Glasses aim to solve that issue by forcing your eye blink. Neat.

The whole device is USB-powered and can hold an eight hour charge. It senses when you haven’t blinked in five seconds and then covers one eye which then makes your other eye instantly focus on the computer screen. Try it. Just cover one eye right now and it should do the same thing. But the Japanese need a gadget to do that for them and so the Wink Glasses will be available on August 10 for 15,750 yen ($150 USD).

Impress via Dvice