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Mark Cuban and former Oculus CEO back 3D e-commerce startup VNTANA

As Facebook and Apple charge headlong into a more 3D future for the consumer web with big plans for mixed reality headsets, most web content out there is still firmly 2D. And while some are pushing fo

Automattic’s bargain-bin Tumblr deal plugs right into the WordPress business model

Tumblr has been a millstone around the neck of its owners, first Yahoo and later Oath and Verizon Media, pretty much since it was acquired in 2013. They never found an answer to the question that new

New WordPress.com policy allows it to shut down blogs of Sandy Hook deniers

WordPress.com has taken down a handful of blogs, according to several complaints from affected blog owners and readers who claim the sites were removed from WordPress.com, despite not being in violati

German Startup Campaigns For Personal Data API Law

German startup Protonet, which last year raised just over $4 million via Seedmatch for its secure server product for SMEs -- 8x more crowdfunding than it had originally sought -- has cooked up a new i

PiCloud Is A Model Cloud Made Of Raspberry Pi & LEGO For Teaching Students About Web Platforms

Here's another interesting implementation of the $35 Raspberry Pi microcromputer -- or rather a stack of 56 Pis, linked together to form a model web platform called PiCloud, using LEGO bricks as bespo