• User Experience Vision For Startups

    User Experience Vision For Startups

    Welcome to 1889. The field of photography was just changed forever. Up until recently, the process of taking and developing photos was expensive and cumbersome. As a result photography was available only to professional photographers or rich people. Then, a guy named George Eastman comes up with a new way to take photos. He develops a special flexible, unbreakable, rolled film that allows… Read More

  • Usabilla Launches New Mobile UX Testing Tool

    Usabilla Launches New Mobile UX Testing Tool

    Usabilla, makers of usability testing tools for websites, is today launching a new mobile tool that lets companies test how their apps or mobile websites perform on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices. The new tool overlays questions or notes on top of the mobile app or website’s user interface, like “where would you click to filter the search results?,” for example. Read More