Verified Expert Growth Marketing Agency: 3Q Digital

With 12 offices and 350 employees around the world, 3Q Digital is a giant among growth marketing agencies. They’ve worked with companies like Brandless, Opendoor, and Warby Parker, but they also have an internal business unit called 3Q Incubate to work with startups in their pre-launch phase. 3Q Digital gets tech and that’s a testament to CEO and founder David Rodnitzky’s early days as a one-man growth marketing consulting practice in 2008. Learn more about 3Q Digital’s approach to growth, their ideal client, and more. 

“I’ve used them at 3 companies – 2 of which were small startups with minimal prior paid investment. In those cases, they helped me build our entire performance marketing foundation…” Matt O' Day, SF, Head of Performance Marketing and Analytics, Rylo Inc

3Q Digital’s approach to growth

“As far as our own focus, we’re a performance agency founded on a bedrock of SEM and paid social; as the digital landscape has grown and expanded (channels, skills, services), so have we, but we continue to have a reputation as one of the best online performance marketing agencies around.”

David’s proudest accomplishment

“We’ve not only survived in Silicon Valley for 11 years, we’ve grown massively. We are one of the largest performance marketing agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area, with over 100 people locally. We continue to get referrals from founders who used us for their first start-up and now have come back to us for their second or third. The same is true for many venture capital partners who rely on us again and again.”

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Q&A with 3Q Digital CEO & Founder David Rodnitzky

David Rodnitzky 2019 headshot

Yvonne Leow: How did you become a growth marketer and start working with tech startups? 

David Rodnitzky: I moved to San Francisco in 1999 after graduating from law school in my home state of Iowa. In early 2000, I got a job at a Softbank — a Sequoia-backed SaaS startup as “manager of strategy.” I quickly realized that no one was running marketing, so I volunteered.

After spending $50K/month on PR and branding agencies, I discovered pay-per-click advertising via I was immediately hooked by the measurability and ROI, and spent the next seven years working at Silicon Valley start-ups with a focus on measurable online marketing.