Back-to-college tech for minimalists and the over-prepared

Heading back to college with the best gear is the only push that some students need to get things moving in the right direction.

Satechi’s $30 Power Meter is designed to weed out bad USB-C cables

Satechi couldn’t have picked a better time to announce its USB-C Power Meter. Early last year, Benson Leung of Google’s Chromebook Pixel team discovered some troubling results when he systematical

Amazon bans the sale of rogue USB-C cables

There's good news in the fight against rogue USB-C cables, some of which have caused major problems with smartphones and laptops, after Amazon tightened the regulations around the type of cables that

Apple Recalls Some MacBook USB-C Cables Because Of Intermittent Charging Flaw

Apple is recalling certain MacBook USB-C charge cables because of a design flaw. The new USB-C port was only introduced by Apple to its MacBook line last year. Affected cables were sold worldwide.

Anker To Offer USB-C Cables, Hubs And Batteries For Your New MacBook

Anker, the company that makes affordable, good-quality backup batteries and other accessories without the hefty price tag of some of its competitors, is answering the call of USB-C. To serve buyers of

Voltus Gives The 12-Inch MacBook A Battery Boost, Two New USB Ports

The new 12-inch MacBook from Apple is packed with cool tech, and its USB-C port is a prime example. The port allows for charging as well as data connectivity, meaning you can draw power from things li