Nest’s video doorbell is now shipping

Back in September of last year, Nest announced its first smart doorbell. When it would actually ship, however, was left sort of up in the air; all the company said at the time was to expect it sometim

Crunch Report | Postmates delivers a personnel shift

The first ICO unicorns have arrived, the Nest Thermostat E is a new cheaper, simpler thermostat, Postmates laid off all its city managers yesterday and the latest SanDisk microSD card can now hold 400

Ecobee launches a sub-$200 version of its smart thermostat

The new ecobee3 lite cuts a full $80 of its namesake (and, for that matter, its chief competitor, the latest Nest), while maintaining the majority of the original’s functionality, minus ecobe

Honeywell’s new HomeKit and Alexa compatible smart thermostat runs $149

Honeywell’s been doing its thing for well over a century now, with its thermostatic roots stretching back even further to the 19th century days of coal heating. The company’s connected thermostat

Recalled Nest Protect Smoke Alarm Will Return To Sale In Weeks

Google's Nest has recalled all 440,000 Protect smoke alarms sold over fears that the alert will fail to sound due to a false triggering of the 'Wave' feature which disables the sound with a gesture.

Cosy Is A Smart Heating & Home Control System Coming Out Of Cambridge, U.K.

Cosy is a smart heating system being developed in Cambridge, U.K. -- and aiming to ship product next month -- that's hoping to stand out from the Nest-shaped competition by offering a more fully-featu Hackers Make An Open-Source Nest Thermostat

Sure it's not made of metal nor did it convince Google to give its creators billions of dollars, but dammit if this isn't a cool hack. The folks at <a target="_blank" href="">Spark

Nest 2.0 Adds Advanced Energy-Saving Features

An update to the <a HREF="">Nest</a> thermostat is rolling out to device owners over the next two days, just in time for AC season. The improvements include advance

Enphase Energy's Thermostat Lets You Control Your Home's Temperature From Afar

<img src=""> Green data geeks now have another tool for controlling their energy consumption. <a href="