Ecobee launches a sub-$200 version of its smart thermostat

The new ecobee3 lite cuts a full $80 of its namesake (and, for that matter, its chief competitor, the latest Nest), while maintaining the majority of the original’s functionality, minus ecobee’s room sensors, designed to locate hot and cold areas in the home. Otherwise, you’ve still got the same 3.5-inch color touchscreen display and third-party smart home compatibility, including HomeKit, Echo, Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT for $169.

“We know that smart thermostats are a natural entry point to the growing smart home category because they provide a solution for a very specific need,” the company’s CEO told TechCrunch. “ecobee3 lite makes that entry point even more affordable and accessible, which is one of the main reasons we believe the device will appeal to an even wider set of consumers. And of course, for those that want a superior device that maximizes comfort, we offer ecobee3 with room sensors.”

It’s compatible with more North American home systems and includes a cable for hardwiring, rather than the batteries on which other similar devices run. It comes with a three-year warranty and will be available for purchase at retail starting on Halloween.