Nest 2.0 Adds Advanced Energy-Saving Features

An update to the Nest thermostat is rolling out to device owners over the next two days, just in time for AC season. The improvements include advanced energy monitoring – essentially more data about your current energy usage – and something called Airwave, a program that will turn down your air conditioner and run the fan for a period of time, thereby saving energy.

Writes Matt Rogers, VP of Engineering:

The enhanced Energy History we’ve launched today is for those of you who’ve requested more detail about your energy use and easier access to energy info. No longer locked inside your Nest, this deeper energy data is now available on the Web app, iPad and both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Now you can compare how much energy you used at a glance, then click or tap on any day to see what times you heated or cooled your home and what caused a change in your energy use.

Thus far, the Nest has been sort of like the first iPhone – cool-looking, but the utility was limited. Now, however, with these improvements the device can start showing its energy-saving potential.

Sadly folks without AC controls may find the update a bit limited. However, if you’ve got a full-bore heat-pump forced air super system with a Mr. Slim in the back yard, you might just be in luck.

You can read all about the update here and expect the software to appear on your thermostat in the next few days.