• Defending Its Turf, TweetMeme Is Already Threatening To Sue ReTweet

    It hasn’t even been 24 hours since we wrote about the impending launch of TweetMeme competitor ReTweet, and already TweetMeme founder Nick Halstead is threatening ReTweet with a lawsuit. He takes being king of retweets very seriously. It is not so much the apparent flat-out copying of TweetMeme’s Website design (ReTweet has not even launched in private beta yet), that bothers him. Read More

  • Looks To Be A TweetMeme Competitor With A Killer Domain Name

    Those little green reweet buttons you see across the web on sites like this one have helped TweetMeme rise in popularity. The buttons are now so ubiquitous that the service has seemingly become the de-facto retweeting mechanism for content on the web. But it looks like it’s about to get a challenger, with a killer name, currently only has a a landing page saying… Read More

  • Tech Investor News Delivers Exactly What You Assume It Would

    As a writer covering the tech industry, there are a couple of websites and services that I would classify as downright essential for my job, including some VoIP/IM communication tools and my e-mail application of choice (Gmail). Apart from those, I consider an RSS reader to be such a vital tool for me as well, both on a private as a professional level. Add to that Techmeme, which has an… Read More

  • Techfuga Is Taking A Couple Of Months Off Delivering Breaking Tech News

    There are a couple of places where you can go to get your fill of tech-related information and keep track of breaking news and events outside of your RSS reader or e-mail inbox. Google News isn’t one of those places (yet), but Techmeme and to a lesser degree Alltop, popurls and Digg are some of the most frequented websites when it comes to pleasing those who like to stay on top of hot… Read More

  • SkyGrid Links Its Financial Firehose To Twitter

    SkyGrid, the nifty, free financial news aggregator, is now publishing a stream of news on Twitter, letting users follow breaking business news headlines via the microblogging network. The news aggregator, which only features media on publicly traded companies, not only has an comprehensive Twitter feed for news stories, but the site also has Twitter feeds that are broken down by sector. So… Read More

  • Fever, A Self-Hosted Feed Reader, Heats Up Your RSS Subscriptions

    Fever is a hot new RSS reader that aims to cure “second inbox syndrome, unread item guilt, and unbold elbow.” In other words, the common plights of the modern RSS power user. Besides offering a full-featured feed reader, the application attempts to create a personalized Techmeme by scanning a user’s feed list for popular (or hot) links. Fever then groups these links into… Read More

  • Tweetmeme Is Getting Freakin' Awesome

    Tweetmeme is on a tear. According to Compete, the Twitter-centric link tracker went from nowhere in February, 2009 (with 26,000 unique visitors) to more than tenfold increase in March (to 385,000 uniques). Nick Halstead, The CEO of UK-based, the company behind Tweetmeme, tells me he is tracking closer to 200,000 uniques a month based on yesterday’s visitors, but that he is… Read More

  • Niche Mag Publisher Future Launches Dozens Of News Aggregator Sites Under DailyRadar

    The future of media is algorithmic aggregation, at least that is the approach Future US is taking. The U.S. subsidiary of Future PLC, and publisher of such niche magazines as Nintendo Power, Guitar World, and Maximum PC, is adopting a different approach online than simply putting its print articles on the Web. Instead, it has launched dozens of news aggregation and discovery sites called… Read More

  • Uh Oh. Now You Can Suggest Stories To Techmeme Via Twitter

    There’s a “new way to get on Techmeme“. It’s called Twitter, have you heard of it? All you need to do is send a message on the micro-sharing service that begins with “Tip @Techmeme” or “Tip @TechmemeFH”. The website, which aggregates news stories from across the web and determines which ones are worth featuring on the site and also detects links… Read More

  • 2009: Products I Can't Live Without

    At the beginning of each year I traditionally publish a list of my favorite startups and products. This is the fourth year I’ve done this – previous lists: 2006, 2007, 2008. You guys get to pick the winners of the Crunchies – this list is all mine. This is a list of the products I tend to use daily. Some are for work (WordPress, Delicious, Zoho, etc.), some are for fun… Read More

  • TechMeme Gives Up On Fully Automated News

    3+ year old TechMeme, an automated news site that shows breaking news clustered by topic, has always generated “headlines” by analyzing how news sites link to each other. If a lot of sites start linking to something unique, TechMeme guesses it’s news. That isn’t working, says founder Gabe Rivera today in a blog post: “Only an algorithm would feature news about… Read More

  • Veritocracy = Digg + Techmeme (500 Invites)

    As a concept, Veritocracy is actually quite simple. At its heart, Veritocracy pulls together some of the better qualities of Techmeme — targeted stories and related posts to an original story — and Digg. Once you get to the front page, you’re immediately presented with a nice layout of highly-targeted stories on topics ranging from politics and technology to business and… Read More

  • Mini Exit: BallHype and ShowHype Acquired for $3 Million

    The husband and wife behind BallHype and ShowHype, two Digg clones that focus on baseball and entertainment news, have earned a modest pay day: $3 million from media group Future US. That’s not bad given the two never raised institutional funding since launching the first site (BallHype) in April 2007. Users of BallHype and ShowHype (which launched in October 2007) vote up their… Read More

  • Techmeme Search Feeds. Use 'Em, Love 'Em.

    Gabe Rivera finally added search to Techmeme last month. But already he is making it much better. Rivera just added a nice prospective search feature to the site. Anytime you search Techmeme, you can subscribe to future search results for the same term through an RSS feed. Just click on the RSS icon in your browser after you do a search, and you will get a feed for stories that appear on… Read More

  • Add Google Reader, Techmeme, and TechCrunch Tabs to FriendFeed

    Who knew Duncan Riley was such a Greasemonkey? My former colleague just made FriendFeed a lot more useful for people on Firefox. Using Greasemonkey, an add-on to Firefox that lets developers customize Webpages through the browser, he created some scripts that add tabs to FriendFeed and that make it even more of a super start page than it already is. He got the idea from this app called… Read More

  • TechMeme Finally Adds Search

    Tech news site TechMeme launched on September 12, 2005. It was an immediate hit and remains the most important blog news aggregator: Dan Farber wrote perhaps the best description of the site to date, back in 2007: “TechMeme provides a one-page, aggregated, filtered, archiveable summary in near real-time of what is new and generating conversation.” But right from the start people… Read More

  • Digging Deeper On The Top Tech Blogs And Bloggers

    This is a follow up to our post last month that listed some of the top tech bloggers according to TechMeme. The goal was to be able to take a look at the individual bloggers who were writing headlines, not just the blogs they wrote for. As promised, the team (Mark McGranaghan and Henry Work) has put together much more detailed statistics on the blogs and bloggers that publish tech news… Read More

  • Techmeme: Where the A-Listers Party With the Long Tail.

    One of the favorite bitchmeme’s on Techmeme, the popular blog and news headline site that keeps track of the most talked-about tech stories on the Web, is that it is dominated by A-list blogs and news sites with full-time writing staffs. Because of this professionalization of the blogosphere, the argument goes, lone bloggers are being pushed out of the conversation. TechCrunch is… Read More

  • Who Are The Top Tech Bloggers?

    We’ve been analyzing historical TechMeme data to dig a little deeper than the leaderboard information on the site that shows top blogs over the trailing 30 days. Mark McGranaghan and I are slicing the data in a number of ways and will publish it shortly on CrunchBase. For now we thought we’d show a teaser – below are the top 100 tech bloggers/authors, based on the total number… Read More

  • Tracking Web 2.0

    There’s been much discussion lately around ways to follow and keep up with friends and the latest news in the tech world. There are plenty of new startups looking to make life easier; many have merit, but here’s a few tips to help you know what’s going on. A Good FeedReader Many consider that understanding and subscribing to feeds is a given, but the reality is that terms… Read More