Techmeme launches its first podcast, the Techmeme Ride Home

While it’s always fun to quibble with the story selection and headlines, Techmeme remains one of the best ways to get caught up quickly on the latest tech news. Starting today, it’s going to try delivering something similar in audio form.

This is Techmeme’s first podcast, but it may not be as big of a stretch as it seems — founder Gabe Rivera described the show (via email) as “a new form of news aggregation in podcast form.”

Rivera said the Techmeme Ride Home will be released Monday through Friday at 5pm Eastern, and will feature a roundup of the day’s tech news that should last about 20 minutes. As the show’s name suggests, the goal is to create a news recap that you can listen to during your commute home.

Rivera acknowledged that there seems to be a growing trend of daily podcasts.

“The formats are different, but each are tied to stuff that happened in the past 24 hours,” he said. “Also, given we’re seeing both morning podcasts and evening podcasts … dayparting might be spreading to podcasting, at least for specific use cases like explainers, summary shows and here’s-what-you-missed topics. Techmeme Ride Home will be a little bit of all three.”

Regular TechCrunch readers will know that we like the idea of daily news recaps. In fact, if the end of Crunch Report has left a big hole in your life, you may want to check this out as a potential replacement.

The podcast’s longer length should allow it to go into more depth than Crunch Report did. And Rivera noted that like Techmeme itself, the Techmeme Ride Home won’t just give you the facts, but also sample the commentary around the news: “For instance, there will even be tweets read in this podcast! Maybe even your tweets!”

While I kinda like the idea of Rivera hosting the podcast himself, he’s brought on a veteran podcaster to do the job. The show will be hosted by Brian McCullough, creator of the Internet History Podcast and author of the forthcoming book How The Internet Happened.

For fans of McCullough’s existing podcast, he assured me this shouldn’t affect production at all: “We’ll be sticking to the same bi-weekly release schedule, and I hope to be doing the Internet History Podcast a decade from now.” (If you haven’t listened, check out McCullough’s interview with TechCrunch alum MG Siegler.)

You can listen to the very first episode of the Techmeme Ride Home and subscribe on iTunes.