• SurveyMonkey Acquires MarketTools’ Zoomerang, ZoomPanel, and TrueSample via TPG Capital

    SurveyMonkey Acquires MarketTools’ Zoomerang, ZoomPanel, and TrueSample via TPG Capital

    Question: How do you acquire your biggest rival if you don’t have the cash? Answer: Partner with a private equity firm. SurveyMonkey has done just that, buying MarketTools’ products Zoomerang, ZoomPanel, and TrueSample through a partnership with TPG Capital. The deal gives MarketTools’ other businesses and a minority stake in SurveyMonkey to TPG, while SurveyMonkey gets the… Read More

  • Another Y Combinator Win: WuFoo Exits For $35 Million, After Raising Only $118,000

    Online forms are not sexy, but every Website that wants to collect information or payments from visitors needs them. Today, SurveyMonkey acquired online form maker WuFoo to its growing bevy of tools for $35 million in cash and stock. I’ve confirmed the price with a source. What’s really great about this story is that WuFoo is another Y Combinator win. The startup launched way… Read More

  • SurveyMonkey Acquires A 49.9 Percent Stake In Clicktools

    Web-based survey giant SurveyMonkey has acquired a 49.9 percent interest in privately owned Clicktools, a survey provider on’s business app marketplace AppExchange. Clicktools and SurveyMonkey will also form a partnership that will provide joint customers cloud-based survey tools integrated with Salesforce CRM. Read More

  • Survey Monkey Buys Precision Polling After Seeing It On TechCrunch

    These are the stories that make my job worth all the hassle and stress. Two guys create a company called Precision Polling that allows quick and easy phone polls. We write a story in January saying it’s like Survey Monkey for phones – “Precision Polling Is A Survey Monkey For The Phone.” And a few months later – today actually – Survey Monkey acquires… Read More

  • Survey Monkey Growing Like A Weed, Fills Out Exec Team

    Portland-born Survey Monkey, a site that lets users create surveys for customers, is a ten year old startup that mostly flew below the radar until last year. Ryan Finley started the company ten years ago in Madison, Wisconsin when he was a year out of college. Five years later he had moved it to Portland and hired his brother Chris to help him. They never raised outside funding and grew… Read More

  • Survs Is Now Taking Questions

    Online survey tools are a dime a dozen, but you will not be sorry you’ve checked this one out. I signed up for Survs earlier this year because I’ve tried a number of online survey applications in the past and none have proven to suit my specific needs so far, and I wanted to see if it was a match for the likes of SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang and countless others I’ve tested. Read More