• Google's Mobile Search Market Share: An Estimated, Whopping 98.29%

    Google's Mobile Search Market Share: An Estimated, Whopping 98.29%

    How’s this for absolutely dominating an increasingly lucrative and fast-growing segment? Google currently boasts a mobile search market share of 98.29%, with it closest competitor Yahoo taking up just over 0.8% of market share and Microsoft’s Bing barely touching even half that, according to recent data from StatCounter as relayed by Pingdom. Read More

  • StatCounter: Chrome Now Bigger Than Safari In The US, Too

    According to website analytics company StatCounter, Google Chrome has now overtaken Apple’s Safari in the US browser market for the first time on a weekly basis, claiming third place overall. StatCounter, which says it analyzed some 874 million pages viewed on its network of over 3 million websites in the US alone for the week 21 to 27 June 2010, pegs Chrome’s market share at… Read More

  • StatCounter: IE6 Usage Falls Below 5% In The US, But IE8 Still On The Rise

    Microsoft’s oft-lamented browser, Internet Explorer 6, may finally be put to rest. This will make many a Web developer happy – but also Microsoft itself. Web analytics company StatCounter claims its latest global data set shows IE6 usage in the US and Europe has fallen to 4.7 percent of the market from 11.5 percent a year ago. That said, IE8 usage in the US increased to 30.5 percent… Read More

  • StatCounter: Facebook, StumbleUpon Generate More Traffic Than Twitter

    According to StatCounter’s GlobalStats research arm, Twitter now generates almost 10% of social media driven global hits to websites, while Facebook still reigns supreme as the primary source of traffic to global websites with almost half (48%) of ‘Social Media hits’. Surprisingly, the number two social media traffic generator is not Twitter, but StumbleUpon with almost a… Read More

  • Bing Leapfrogs Yahoo Search … Again

    New stats from monitoring service StatCounter suggest that for the second time since its launch, Microsoft’s Bing has surpassed Yahoo Search as the second most used search engine in the United States. Shortly after publicly debuting the new service, Bing already jumped over Yahoo Search – if only for one day – which many attributed to the launch momentum. But Bing has proven… Read More