Google's Mobile Search Market Share: An Estimated, Whopping 98.29%

How’s this for absolutely dominating an increasingly lucrative and fast-growing segment?

Google currently boasts a mobile search market share of 98.29%, with it closest competitor Yahoo taking up just over 0.8% of market share and Microsoft’s Bing barely touching even half that, according to recent data from StatCounter as relayed by Pingdom.

This graph, made by Pingdom, puts it all in perspective:

As you can tell from the graph, put together using global visitor stats for more than three million websites, Google’s near-100% piece of the mobile search pie is even a good deal larger than their still impressive share of the overall search engine market. Note that the red bars represent non-mobile search market share, not a combination of both.

As for Yahoo, Bing, and the ‘others’ – good luck taking on Google on that front.