• Despite Solyndra, U.S. Solar Up 69%

    Despite Solyndra, U.S. Solar Up 69%

    In 2010, the U.S. installed 887 megawatts (MW) of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV), up 104% from the 435 MW installed in 2009, according to a new recent report by the Solar Energy Industries Association and GTM Research. However, the U.S. market’s share of global installations fell to 5.1%, down from 6.0% in 2009. In the end of 2011, that’s expected to change, thanks to slowdowns… Read More

  • Main Street Power Partners With AlsoEnergy On New California Solar Project

    Main Street Power Partners With AlsoEnergy On New California Solar Project

    Main Street Power, a national solar financier, is partnering with AlsoEnergy for a nearly three megawatt distributed generation solar project in California. AlsoEnergy, an energy monitoring and financial management software solutions provider, will provide the energy monitoring software for the project, which will be spread throughout the state of California. Read More

  • Meteocontrol North America And Princeton Solar Solutions Form Partnership

    Meteocontrol North America And Princeton Solar Solutions Form Partnership

    Meteocontrol North America, a global provider of solar performance monitoring software and hardware, bankable energy yield reports, technical due diligence and operations management services for photovoltaic installations, has partnered with Princeton Solar Solutions (PSS), a top N.J.-based solar provider. Read More

  • The Long Hard Road To The Edge

    The Long Hard Road To The Edge

    A Year In The Life Of An Entrepeneur 1. July 2010: Ready: Set: Delaware, the state with the lowest highest point. David Argentar, a biochemist by training and bioinformaticist by trade, has launched a startup. Of sorts. Well – more of a hobby, he’d be the first to admit. He has no business plan, no investors, no employees. All he really has, in fact, is an idea and a pending patent. Read More

  • 13-Year-Old Designs Efficient Solar Array Inspired By Oak Trees

    13-Year-Old Designs Efficient Solar Array Inspired By Oak Trees

    When it comes to renewable energy solutions, sometimes nature has the best ideas. That was 13-year-old Aidan Dwyer’s conclusion after a wintry hike in New York’s Catskill Mountains, a trip that inspired him to build a unique and effective solar array design. Dwyer observed patterns in the trees and, after further research and contemplation, realized the branches matched up with… Read More

  • Ford to Sell Solar Panel System Alongside Electric Cars

    Ford to Sell Solar Panel System Alongside Electric Cars

    Ford Motor Company is teaming up with San Jose-based solar panel maker SunPower to offer a rooftop solar system option which will be sold alongside the upcoming Ford Focus EV. The “Drive Green for Life” program, as it’s being called, involves mounting solar panels on a customer’s home. These panels wouldn’t be used just to charge the Focus itself, however. Read More

  • This Electric Plane Is Powered By Its Own By Solar Hangar

    This Electric Plane Is Powered By Its Own By Solar Hangar

    Aviation enthusiasts interested in greener flying might put an Elektra One plane on their wish lists. PC-Aero‘s electric aircraft can fly for up to three hours on one charge with a 100mph cruising speed. The charging happens inside a solar-powered hangar included in the plane’s anticipated purchase price of $145,000. Read More

  • A Groupon For Solar? Solar@Work Offers Buildings Discounts For Going Green Together

    A Groupon For Solar? Solar@Work Offers Buildings Discounts For Going Green Together

    Group buying is moving into the commercial clean energy space thanks to Solar@Work, a program designed by San Francisco’s Department of the Environment to make solar panels more affordable for business owners. Businesses have three options for acquiring solar panels through the program: Purchasing, leasing, and securing a loan. A federal grant covering 30% of installation costs is also… Read More

  • BG-BL01: Panasonic's Portable Solar Light Doubles As A USB Charger

    We will see more of these devices coming in the next few years, I am sure: Panasonic today announced [JP] the BG-BL01, a portable and solar-powered LED light that doubles as a charger for USB gadgets. The device is sized at just 152×104×24mm, weighs 150g, can house two AA batteries and is splash proof. Read More

  • SoloPower Raises $43.7 Million More To Make Roll-Up Solar Panels

    SoloPower Raises $43.7 Million More To Make Roll-Up Solar Panels

    SoloPower— a manufacturer of flexible, thin film solar cells and modules— has raised another $43.7 million in an equity round this month, according to a new SEC filing. Investors in the round include: Greentech Capital in New York, and Thomas Weisel Partners in San Francisco. Earlier investors in the company include: Hudson Clean Energy Partners, Crosslink Capital, Convexa, and… Read More

  • Finally, A Solar Powered Netbook Comes To The US

    It seems like when I’m outside the US, all I see is solar-powered netbooks. Solar powered netbooks here, solar powered netbooks there. Cafes brimming with them, streets littered with them, babies babbling into their solar powered netbooks issued at birth. Okay, maybe not. But this one from Samsung, which has no special specs except for the solar panel on the back, was originally not… Read More

  • It's Official! Oil And Gas Giant Total Now Owns $1.3 Billion Controlling Stake In SunPower

    Total, the fossil fuels giant, just gave itself a renewable energy makeover by finishing up its $1.3 billion purchase of a majority stake in SunPower, the San Jose, Calif.-based designer and manufacturer of solar panels and systems. Let’s put the scope of the Total-SunPower deal in perspective. According to research by the Cleantech Group and Deloitte, for all of 2010, venture investments… Read More

  • Google Scaling Solar, Commits $280 Million To Finance SolarCity Installations

    Google today announced a new partnership with SolarCity, committing $280 million from its coffers to finance SolarCity installations, namely solar rooftops for homes in North America. The partnership brings Google employees a discount on residential solar installations and services from SolarCity. On a worldwide basis, according to the company’s last quarterly earnings report, Google… Read More

  • New Records In Cleantech Offer Hope For More Affordable Solar Power, LED Lights

    Cleantech companies— especially in solar— love to talk about how they’re breaking records. They issue press releases left and right about the most efficient this, that and the other. Such claims fizzle if they haven’t been verified by a third-party lab. They can also feel like greenwash, or Cola War style brand standoffs. Broken records we love to hear about, though… Read More

  • SolarCity Can Now Finance $1 Billion In Solar Projects

    On Wednesday, SolarCity added $158 million to the pool of funds that it uses to finance, design, develop and install commercial or residential solar power projects in the U.S. The latest fund came through a partnership with U.S. Bancorp (a subsidiary of U.S. Bank) and gives SolarCity more than $1 billion in financing capacity… Read More

  • World's Highest Solar Array To Be Built In Tibet

    SunTech Power Holdings is planning on building a major solar power installation at one of the highest inhabited places on the planet: the Tibetan Plateau. The county of Sangri, 4000m (13,123ft) above sea level, has been chosen as the site for the latest of this company’s green power plants, and will generate around 20MWh of power yearly for the surrounding area. Nice! Read More

  • Solar Equipment Made From Castor Beans, BioBacksheets, Going Commercial In U.S.

    BioSolar, a small public company (OTCBB: BSRC.OB) that makes solar backsheets — a component of the equipment used to hold solar photovoltaic modules in place within frames and racks, and to protect the modules from weather and other damage — attained safety certifications from Underwriter Laboratories this week. The UL-certification enables BioSolar to sell its backsheets to a… Read More

  • Unirac, Canadian Solar To Build 30 Megawatts Of Renewable Energy In Ontario

    Unirac — a company that makes racks that are used to install and hold solar panels in place within power generating systems of any size — today revealed a new partnership with solar tech manufacturers, Canadian Solar Inc. (nasdaq: CSIQ). Through the partnership, the companies will install 30 MW of solar projects in Canada, starting with a 10.9 MW solar park in Napanee, Ontario. Read More

  • Kyocera's Solar Cycle Station: Eco-Friendly Stand For Charging E-Bikes

    Sure, in many cases electric bikes are much more eco-friendly than cars, but even e-bikes need to be charged in some way or the other – most of the time, the power doesn’t come from eco-friendly sources. Kyocera, however, yesterday announced [JP] an alternative: the so-called “Solar Cycle Station”, which is essentially some kind of a bike stand that allows owners to… Read More

  • AU Optronics Unveils A Solar Touch Keyboard

    Move aside Logitech, there’s another solar keyboard in town. Earlier this week, Logitech introduced the K750, an $80 wireless, solar-powered keyboard made of recyclable plastic and billed as the world’s first solar keyboard. The K750 may be first but it certainly won’t be the last. This Wednesday, Taiwan’s AU Optronics released details on its own solar keyboard solution… Read More