GitLab’s high-end plans are now free for open source projects and schools

The fact that Microsoft is buying GitHub has left a lot of developers with a deep feeling of unease and a lot of them are now looking for alternatives. One of those is GitLab and that company has dec

YC-backed Vidcode raises $1.5M to teach teens to code using Snapchat filters, videos, memes and more

Vidcode, a Y Combinator-backed startup focused on teaching teens how to code, has raised $1.5 million in seed funding for its curriculum. While there are a number of learn-to-code platforms out there

Google is making Chromebooks even more useful for schools

Google made a number of major announcements about its Chromebook program at the Bett education technology conference in London today. Besides disclosing that there are now over 20 million teachers and

Google opens up its Virtual Reality field trips for all, debuts new apps and services for teachers

On the heels of Amazon’s entry into the learning materials market, Google this morning also unveiled a series of product announcements aimed at expanding use of Google products and technologie

Google Expands Its Educational Platform “Classroom” With A New API, Share Button For Websites

Google Classroom, the company’s educational initiative that launched last year to allow teachers and students to communicate and collaborate with each other using Google tools and services, ha

Homeroom Brings Private Photo Sharing To The Classroom

The makers of the private photo-sharing app Cluster have been experimenting with spinning off the service’s technology into different verticals in recent days, including apps designed for doc

Mystery Science Launches A Program Aimed At Inspiring Kids To Love Science, Not Just Learn Its Conclusions

A former Facebook Product Manager has teamed up with the former science director from Southern California-based LePort Schools to create a new educational platform designed to inspire kids to learn

Forget Bake Sales: Two Startups Let You Resell Clothing And More To Raise Money For Schools

There are a number of startups catering to those who want to buy and sell "gently used" clothing and other items online, whether directly to fellow consumers as on Threadflip and Poshmark, for examp

With 10K Schools On Board, BrightBytes Lands $15M To Help Measure The Real Impact Of Technology In Education

Over the last year, BrightBytes has become a personal favorite in the ballooning world of education startups. The reason for this begins with the fact that when it comes to our beleaguered education s

Securly Raises $1M From NewSchools, Imagine K12 Founder To Help Schools Protect Their Students Online

Launching in the fall of last year as part of education accelerator Imagine K12’s third batch of startups, Securly set out to help K-12 schools across the U.S. prevent their bright young minds f

Raspberry Pi + Indiegogo = One Rural School In Swaziland Kitted Out With A Computer Lab

Most of the million+ $35/$25 Raspberry Pi microcomputers shipped to buyers to-date have been helping U.S.- and U.K.-based makers realise their electronics' dreams. But the original mission of the proj

Panorama Education Wants To Make Polling Parents, Students And Teachers Easier For Educators

New Haven-based startup and current Y Combinator Summer 2013 participant Panorama Education is looking to address a major pain point for educators, students and parents around school with its polling

Zynga Co-founder’s Junyo Is Using Big Data To Help EdTech Companies Better Understand What Schools Really Need

In 2011, Steve Schoettler left Zynga, the company he had co-founded four years earlier, to devote himself to a new project, called <a target="_blank" href="">Junyo</a>. With interest

Bake Sale 2.0: PledgeCents Launches A Crowdfunding Platform To Help Underfunded Schools Raise Money

With the passage of the JOBS Act, the Crowdfunding Era began and since then these fund-raising platforms have been sprouting in every vertical — even education. Just two weeks ago, we announced

StudentFreelance Pulls Students Away From Boring Studying And Drinking, Sticks Them Into The Real World

It's been a long time since I've been a student - we still carried "books" to school and would often enter computer "clusters" where we would do "homework" on "PCs" running "Windows NT" - but I do rem

Backed By Reed Hastings & More, Gobstopper Launches Its E-Reading Platform For Schools To Help Rethink Humanities Education

As the founder of two <a target="_blank" href="">KIPP</a> public charter prep schools, an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at NewSchools Ventures and a former English teacher, Jason Singe

Realtime Analytics For Education: Ontract Wants To Do For Student Data What Did For Financial Data

Julian Miller taught high school for four years, and like many teachers, he cared about his students' learning outcomes -- about getting them across the finish line. Unfortunately, current educational

Japan wants 32,000 schools to go solar by 2020

<img src="" /> Solar energy remains a hot topic (no pun intended) in Japan. As part of a huge economic stimulus plan, the government

What, if anything, can be done to stop ‘sexting’?

<img src="" />There's a rather sad story out of Cincinnati where a high school girl hanged herself because a nude photo she sent to he

Going Back to School: Picking Up Where Facebook Left Off

Back when Facebook was a social network only for college students, one of the most popular features was the ability to see not only who was in your class, but who else was taking the same courses as y
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