SaaS sales

Your B2B leads are going to waste

Your B2B leads will go to waste unless you begin to create lapsed buckets and develop a strategy to attack them head-on.

TechCrunch+ roundup: SaaS sales toughlove, cybersecurity survey, ‘the new venture normal’

My high school football team won a few state championships, but sportswriters never asked how much ground we lost to penalties.

How to approach customer discovery as an early-stage startup (and beyond)

Whether you’re pursuing customer number five, 50 or 500, the process of determining if there’s a fit remains largely the same.

Have enterprise buyers finally soured on ‘bottoms-up’ tech sales?

Today’s PLG needs to inform both the product and sales teams so they can work smoothly together and clinch the next deal.

3 ways to optimize SaaS sales in a downturn

There’s tremendous opportunity in a recession for growing revenue. But first, you have to fundamentally change the way you approach sales.

Vendr acquires Blissfully, combining its SaaS buying services with management tools

Vendr, a startup that aims to help its customers buy software products faster and at a lower cost, announced this morning it has acquired Blissfully, a startup that builds SaaS management tooling. Ven

Singapore-based gets $6M to help B2B sales team collaborate more effectively

Organizing information about prospective deals is a challenging task for B2B sales teams, since salespeople usually rely on multiple tools (email, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.) to talk with buyer committees.