• Zuckerberg: Spotify, Airbnb, Nike+ And Runkeeper Are Killing It

    Zuckerberg: Spotify, Airbnb, Nike+ And Runkeeper Are Killing It

    On stage at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg named a few products that he is impressed by. In particular, Spotify, Airbnb, Nike+ and Runkeeper caught the attention of Facebook co-founder and CEO. The first company he named was Spotify. He was straight to the point by stating that “Spotify is killing it right now.” Read More

  • RunKeeper Co-Founder And COO Michael Sheeley Exits Company

    RunKeeper Co-Founder And COO Michael Sheeley Exits Company

    Michael Sheeley, the co-founder of super popular health and fitness analytics app RunKeeper, stepped down from his role as COO and Chief Product Officer at the company this week. He announced his departure in a post on his personal blog Thursday, and the news was first picked up by the Boston Business Journal. Details around his abrupt departure from FitnessKeeper (RunKeeper’s parent… Read More

  • Runkeeper Founder Talks Startup

    (Founder Stories) RunKeeper: Striving To Becoming The Facebook For Health

    Having launched Runkeeper in 2008 with the help of “moonlighting engineers” before closing a $10 million Series B round in late 2011, RunKeeper’s co-founder, Jason Jacobs speaks from experience when describing the whiplash entrepreneurs face when stepping out on their own. In episode II of his Founder Stories conversation with host Chris Dixon, Jacobs characterizes the… Read More

  • RunKeeper Founder Interview

    (Founder Stories) RunKeeper: Jacobs’ Strategy For Raising Capital

    Jason Jacobs is the co-founder and CEO of RunKeeper, one of the initial 200 apps sold in the iPhone app store. The app allows users to record their jogging distances and times, and in partnership with other fitness focused apps/devices, manage a host of additional health related activity, such as weight loss and strength training. Having recently raised a $10 million Series B round… Read More

  • Runtastic launches hardware line, enters U.S.

    The Quantified Self movement has produced a number of startups in that space, most notably fitness tracking apps such as Runkeeper, Edmondo or Fitbit. European sports tracking app Runtastic is one of them and just announced that they are moving into the hardware space with a manufacturing partner and are shipping their first products at the end of july. The startup has silently built a team… Read More

  • Announcing The 2011 Crunchies Finalists And Tickets On Sale Now

    Announcing The 2011 Crunchies Finalists And Tickets On Sale Now

    The nominations have been tabulated and the votes are in. Over 300,000 nominations were calculated across 20 categories. Along with our partners GigaOm and VentureBeat, we are very proud to announce the finalists for 2011’s best in technology. Voting begins now. For 2011, we’ve added some new categories. Best Location App, Best Cloud Services and Biggest Social Impact join the… Read More

  • RunKeeper Adds New Integration To Its Health Graph In Hopes Of Building 'The Facebook Of Fitness'

    You may have heard about the social graph and the interest graph, but what about the health graph? Thanks to RunKeeper, this term may soon become an oft-used part of your vocabulary. RunKeeper, for those unfamiliar, was founded three years ago as a simple iPhone app and a small online fitness community designed to help runners and other fitness enthusiasts employ smartphone technology to… Read More

  • Runtastic crosses 2 million downloads and hits profitability

    Sports tracking platform Runtastic has announced that it’s crossed the 2 million download mark for its mobile apps, while claiming 400,000 monthly active users in Europe. The Austrian company says that it is now also cashflow positive. Based in Linz, Austria (near the offices of stealth payment startup Jumio), Runtastic is originally funded through a €150k public grant but has just… Read More

  • Can The Internet Make You Healthier?

    Editor’s note: This guest post was written by Jason Jacobs (@jjacobs22), the co-founder & CEO of RunKeeper, a mobile fitness platform for runners and other fitness enthusiasts. People are leading busier lives than ever before – working longer, sleeping less, stressing more, working out less frequently, and eating the wrong foods. As a result, it’s gotten more difficult for… Read More

  • 'Runkeeper of Europe' runtastic launches Pro App

    [Austria] runtastic, a mobile app for iPhones that connects sporty people among each other, just released their PRO Version (iTunes link), complimentary to their free version which has been available for some months. Although apps for tracking personal fitness and health are relatively new, there are already some players in that space, such as Nike and more recently Runkeeper. Read More

  • RunKeeper goes social

    I’ll let the video after the jump do most of the talking on this one but RunKeeper has improved its sharing service by building out a cool run sharing service that works like a social network for the preternaturally skinny yet surprisingly hungry. The system allows you to share runs with friends and/or strangers. You can turn off maps for privacy and selectively share runs with the world. Read More