RunKeeper Co-Founder And COO Michael Sheeley Exits Company

Michael Sheeley, the co-founder of super popular health and fitness analytics app RunKeeper, stepped down from his role as COO and Chief Product Officer at the company this week. He announced his departure in a post on his personal blog Thursday, and the news was first picked up by the Boston Business Journal.

Details around Sheeley’s abrupt departure from FitnessKeeper (RunKeeper’s parent company) are scant. In his blog post, Sheeley alluded to starting a new business, but that seems to be in the idea stage:

“…I know this is just the beginning for this company. I, however, will be moving on. I’ll still be around town, I’ll still be blogging about software and the Massachusetts start-up ecosystem. I’ll still be offering my time to help out other entrepreneurs in whatever way I can. I never say ‘no’ to meeting and helping other entrepreneurs.

For me, I’m an entrepreneur. I start businesses. I create. It is what I love to do. …stay tuned.”

Sheeley, a repeat entrepreneur who was trained as a software engineer, started developing RunKeeper with FitnessKeeper CTO Joe Bondi back in 2008. Since then, FitnessKeeper has raised $11.5 million in venture capital (most recently in a $10 million Series B round in November 2011) and is reportedly on track to employ more than 40 people this year.

We’ve reached out to FitnessKeeper and Sheeley for more details about the departure, and will update this post with any additional information we receive.