• DJI sends invites for November 15 event, Inspire 2 likely to debut

    DJI sends invites for November 15 event, Inspire 2 likely to debut

    It seems DJI is about to announce the next generation of the Inspire drone. The company recently sent invites for a November 15 event in LA with the tagline of Control / Create, clearly a nod to the Inspire’s dual-controller capability and target market of Hollywood creators. The event would be two years and one day after DJI announced the original Inspire drone. The first Inspire was… Read More

  • DJI wants to end shaky smartphone videos

    DJI wants to end shaky smartphone videos

    DJI hopes you’re tired of shaky and embarrassing smartphone videos. The Osmo Mobile is a handheld 3-axis stabilizer gimbal for smartphones. Just strap a phone to the top and a similar gimbal used in the company’s drones will keep the video silky smooth. The kit works similarly to the DJI Osmo except this new version lacks a built-in camera. It uses the capable camera in a… Read More

  • Process as code: Security ops orchestration for a brave new world Crunch Network

    Process as code: Security ops orchestration for a brave new world

    Cybercrime is an enormous problem — a nemesis of the federal government, America’s biggest corporations and tens of millions of individuals. But there is now legitimate hope that a big piece of the cybercrime problem can eventually be solved. Read More

  • Phantom Brings Self-Destructing Photos To Facebook, Twitter And More

    Phantom Brings Self-Destructing Photos To Facebook, Twitter And More

    A new mobile application called Phantom is offering a way to post personal photos and videos to blogs and social media sites, like Facebook or Twitter, which “self-destruct” like they do in Snapchat, while also offering controls that limit the number of people who can view the content, and more. The idea to allow for ephemeral sharing on Facebook and other sites is interesting… Read More

  • The GPS-Enabled DJI Phantom Quadcopter Makes The AR.Drone Look Like A Toy

    The GPS-Enabled DJI Phantom Quadcopter Makes The AR.Drone Look Like A Toy

    Back in 2010, our own John Biggs rightly described Parrot’s AR.Drone as ” the coolest thing [he had] seen in a long, long time.” Since then, Parrot has launched the AR.Drone 2.0 and while it’s still a very cool gadget, quadcopters have come a very long way since 2010. Last month, the folks at DJI, who mostly specialize in developing unmanned aerial systems for… Read More

  • Phantom Fireworks Uses Nook Tablets To Help Customers Preview The Boom

    Phantom Fireworks Uses Nook Tablets To Help Customers Preview The Boom

    Everyone’s favorite roadside explosives purveyor, Phantom Fireworks, is now offering “firework previews” on a fleet of Nook Tablets that will be available in stores. The tablets will will allow customers to view photos and videos of the fireworks they’re buying and will streamline retail operations, allowing customer service reps to place orders at the… Read More

  • Phantom's game store actually launches, pigs fly

    I believe I will now have to eat my hat. Phantom, the aptly-named gaming console which has been vaporware for going on six years now, has actually launched a game store kind of like what they said they were planning so very long ago. Although it’s not as slick as Steam or as friendly as Good Old Games, it does appear to have quite a large selection of games to choose from (looks like… Read More

  • Phantom Lapboard reviewed Some men spend their lives tending to the lame and halt. Some men run businesses that span the globe. Other men, namely me, follow Phantom Labs with the intensity of a twelve-year-old girl following the Jonas Brothers. For those of you too young to remember, Infinium Labs promised an Internet enabled console in the days of the PS2 and XBox. People… Read More

  • Alienware no longer carrying Phantom Lapboard

    The ghost of Ponzi schemes past. I was doing a bit of research for the NYT on the Phantom Lapboard and I remembered that Alienware was supposed to carry it online. After trying to pry a photo out of Phantom itself, I emailed Alienware to ask if they had a photo. Their reply was fairly curt: Alienware does not carry the Phantom lapboard. There were plans a couple months ago, but from what I… Read More

  • The Phantom is actually shipping – the Phantom Lapboard that is

    The Phantom console has been a sort of running vaporware joke for years now, as many of you must know. So how weird is it that they’re actually putting out a product that looks kind of cool? Actually, to be honest, I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work – I can’t see myself typing with the keys at a 22-degree angle, but the device itself looks pretty solid, and… Read More

  • Is that your leg buzzing or are you just going into isolational shock?

    Phantom leg buzzing syndrome attacks millions of Americans every day and for just 56 cents a day — the price of a cup of coffee, you can make a difference. Meh. Not really, but you know know what it is — that odd feeling that your phone or Blackberry is going off when you know it isn’t. If your hipbone is connected to your BlackBerry or your thighbone is connected to your… Read More

  • Phantom Night In NYC

    I was lucky enough to attend the unveiling of the new Gillette Fusion Power Phantom a couple weeks back in NYC and it was hot. Katherine McPhee from American Idol was there and I finally got to play the PS3 (what a letdown). Oh. And they have razors. Five blades and micro-pulses are the only way to shave. Now, wrapped in black. What we won’t do to look at young women with… Read More

  • Phantom Slips Yet Again

    Just when things looked like they might be perking up slightly for vapor-friendly Phantom, it went and announced that shipping of its much touted lapboard has been delayed. You’ll remember the lapboard as the one component to emerge from Phantom’s ill-fated gaming system. Biggs actually had the opportunity to check out the lapboard late last month. He seemed cautiously optimistic… Read More

  • Phantom Lapboard and Alienware Entertainment Center in the Wild

    A CG fan Matt tipped me off to his interesting new work set-up consisting of a phat Alienware Entertainment Center – surround sound out, digital video, and a little glowing alien head included – along with the Phantom Lapboard. Read More

  • Phantom to Show Product Next Week, This Time Wants Your Lap

    via a download-and-play model. Needless to say, I’m fairly skeptical of anything that comes out of this chip shop. So what do we have now? They’re releasing some sort of “lap board” for playing games while you sit on the couch. So, let’s recap: from earth-shattering super console that could cure cancer in puppies and allow you to play Halo IV in the original… Read More