DJI wants to end shaky smartphone videos

DJI hopes you’re tired of shaky and embarrassing smartphone videos. The Osmo Mobile is a handheld 3-axis stabilizer gimbal for smartphones. Just strap a phone to the top and a similar gimbal used in the company’s drones will keep the video silky smooth.

The kit works similarly to the DJI Osmo except this new version lacks a built-in camera. It uses the capable camera in a smartphone instead of a dedicated camera.

DJI says that the Osmo Mobile uses the same stabilizer technology as found in the firm’s Phantom 4 drone. Using the DJI software, the stabilizer can lock onto a person’s face for perfect selfies even when the subject and camera are moving — say during a wild white water rafting trip. The software also allows the smartphone to capture time lapse videos, panoramic and long-exposure shots all without the usual tripod.

All this fun will be available for $300 when the product is released in two weeks.

The DJI Osmo Mobile is hardly unique in its core function of stabilizing smartphones. There are several competing products available with prices starting around $50 for a non-mechanical version and $100 for one similar to DJI’s. Where DJI stands out, though, is the bundled software that works in conjunction with the mobile base.