Phantom Lapboard reviewed

Some men spend their lives tending to the lame and halt. Some men run businesses that span the globe. Other men, namely me, follow Phantom Labs with the intensity of a twelve-year-old girl following the Jonas Brothers.

For those of you too young to remember, Infinium Labs promised an Internet enabled console in the days of the PS2 and XBox. People almost wet themselves: it would be a mini-PC with downloadable content, no disks to buy, and it would also wax your car and cause fish to jump into you boat when on Rice Lake. It was going to kick ass.

Well, the company was basically a pump and dump scheme, someone bailed them out, and they designed a keyboard called the Lapboard. It was supposed to sit on your lap, Alienware was supposed to sell it, and I saw it long ago, just before the Jurassic period. Apparently there is another one available and Maximum PC played with it and called it fairly cool except for the gimpy mouse. How far the barely mighty have fallen.