• Bark4Beer: Dog collar with bottle opener

    If you have a dog and you’ve thrown a party, you know that dogs generally add a bit of fun to the mix at the beginning of the party but by the end, they’ve mostly eaten food off the coffee table, scared the bejesus out of the three guests who have an irrational fear of dogs, and had a few “accidents” in high-traffic areas like hallways and doorways. Read More

  • $6500 "Labyrinth Aquarium": awesome, difficult to clean

    I’ve always felt bad for fish. Not just in that they’re fish, but that all those in captivity (and many in the wild) just spend all day swimming in circles. Take that great video of the enormous aquarium in Okinawa — there’s a freaking whale shark in there, used to cruising the ocean; now, even in the second-biggest aqua-enclosure in the world, it’s essentially… Read More

  • PooTrap: For people who shouldn't own dogs in the first place

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. This is the PooTrap, an elaborate apparatus that you strap to your dog. It holds a bag in place right about where the you-know-what comes out of the you-know-where. It costs between $30 and $40 depending on the size of your dog. Read More

  • Dog? Check. Laptop? Check. Both in the same bag? Check.

    I suppose that if you insist on being one of those people who carries your pet around in a backpack or purse, you might as well kill two birds with one stone (unless you’re a bird lover) and get a bag that holds your laptop too. Read More

  • Spotlight GPS is Big Brother for your pets (in a good way!)

    Do you have a dog that constantly gets away from you? Do you hate chasing your dog through your neighborhood, your cheeks burning with shame as your neighbors watch you yet again running down the street in your socks? If so, a new GPS-based pet location service may be worth your time. Read More

  • Put your rodent on rails with the Hamtrack

    First, let us just acknowledge that “Hamtrack” is the best portmanteau of the year so far. Now, on to the products. I think you can see from the picture exactly how this utterly-genius pet toy works. Like a hamster ball but with wheels. I’m afraid the Critter Cruiser is unidirectional and thus a little limited, but the Hamtrack could be, and I don’t think I’m… Read More

  • Select Comfort’s ‘Sleep Number Pet Bed’

    If you’ve ever worried that you waste too much time on the internet, let me put those fears to rest with the following factoid: Did you know that Select Comfort makes a Sleep Number bed for your dog? For your DOG. It costs $132.99 (on sale, down from $189.99). Read More

  • Web-based dog food dispenser lets you leave your pets alone for days

    A kid named Tyler made this. A kid! Well done, young man. The “Internet Dog Feeder” consists of an ioBridge and a continuously-rotating servomechanism controlled via a web interface consisting of a video camera that shows your dog’s bowl and “Feed Dog” and “Stop Feeding Dog” hyperlinks. Read More

  • Tokyo Toy Show coverage, part 2: Watch A.M.P., E.M.A. and other robots in action

    In this year’s Tokyo Toy Show, robots of all kinds and sizes were abundant, the majority of which I found to be very creepy. Especially Sega’s gigantic Golden Retriever is a genuinely scary “animal”. Below are some videos I shot of Sega robots during the show. Sega-Hasbro’s A.M.P music robot Sega’s kissing robot E.M.A. (it really can kiss people and… Read More

  • Dead puppies aren't much fun unless they're inside this macabre, insane digital picture frame

    Even if you didn’t mean to kill little Futzy, she’s dead. What do do now? Why burn her up and stuff her in this digital picture frame urn. It comes in oak and walnut and costs $289.95. It holds 256MB worth of pictures — your dog isn’t worth a gigabyte — and has a 7-inch screen. Just wait for that screen to heat up a little and things are really going to be nasty up… Read More

  • Thug Life: The Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy

    Waiting for the American justice system to run its course can be boring and tedious. If you’re looking for a little something to do while you wait, why not buy your dog a Michael Vick chew toy? It runs for $12.99 (shipped) and the proceeds will apparently be donated to local animal shelters. Unfortunately, it’s claimed to be very durable. Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy [] Read More

  • It's iPod Speakers And a Pet Carrier! Hooray!

    I’ve done it. I’ve done what scienticians and philosophizors could not: I have discovered a way to make Paris Hilton more annoying. It is called the Beat Generation Stereo Pet, by LifePop, and it’s a tote for your pup or kitten with integrated speakers for your iPod. No, really, that’s where we are as a society. If Paris had one of these, then the next time we’d… Read More

  • Float-a-Pet Surfaces Questionably

    Alright, I’m an animal lover in the extreme, so when I hear about something that might help keep my pets a bit safer, I’m always interested. That said, inventor Jed Berks has designed a pet safety collar that has me scratching my head. His Float-a-Pet prototype is designed to, theoretically, save your pet’s life by tackling several hazards that it might encounter while on… Read More