Tech CEOs Call On The House To Move Its Ass On Patent Reform

Today the CEOs of Yelp, Yahoo, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Rackspace, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, Gilt, and Etsy wrote a letter to leaders of the House of Representatives, pressing the politicians to pass

Google’s New, Simplified Patent Search Now Integrates Prior Art And Google Scholar

Google has been a significant player in many facets of the patent world — as a creator, critic, litigator, buyer and big data indexer. Today, it’s taking the wraps off a product that i

Apple Gets Partial Win In Patent Battle With Samsung

The U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a lower court's ruling that Samsung copied specific Apple design patents related to the iPhone. However, the court also threw out part of the ruling and asked a lower

The Basics Of Open Patent Licensing

A new trio of open patent licenses can help encourage innovation, reduce patent trolling, and help attract top engineering talent. These licenses aren’t just for idealistic hippies. They are legal t

Samsung Filed The Most Patents In Europe In 2014, U.S. Led The Field By Country

While IBM is number-one when it comes to the number of patents filed in the U.S., in Europe, Samsung is leading the pack. Today, the European Patent Office released 2014 figures for patents filed in

NVIDIA Sues Samsung and Qualcomm, Tries To Get Samsung Galaxy Devices Blocked From The U.S.

Ready for another big patent battle? NVIDIA has just filed patent lawsuits against both Samsung and Qualcomm, claiming the companies are infringing upon its graphics chip patents. The end goal? To

Google Adds 152 Patents To Its Non-Assertion Pledge

Back in 2013, Google announced its plans to not sue anybody who had implemented open-source versions of its MapReduce algorithm. Since then, the company has expanded what it calls its "Open Patent Non

Snapchat Could Be Stripped Of Valuable “Tap-And-Hold For Video” Patent

Snapchat has quietly been embroiled in an intellectual property interference proceeding that could revoke its lucrative patent for a design trick now widely copied by Facebook, Google and more. Snapch

Apple and Samsung Agree To End All Non-U.S. Patent Disputes

Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop all non-U.S. litigation. The announcement came late Tuesday in a release first reported by the Financial Times. In the joint statement, the two tech giants said t

Bose Picks A Patent Fight With Beats Over Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Bose has sued soon-to-be-Apple-owned Beats over patents it holds related to noise-cancelling headphones, according to a new report from CNBC. The new suit means that Apple has a brand new patent battl

Lenovo Just Patented Their Own Version Of Google Glass

As we all know, merely patenting something doesn't mean it will ever land in stores. However, Lenovo has just filed a basic patent for an "Electronic Device And Sound Capturing Method." The device, wh

Tesla Promises To Not Sue Anyone Using Its Technology

Tesla has open-sourced its patents on electric vehicle technology, according to a post on the company's blog by CEO Elon Musk who said that one of the company's biggest goals is to move the entire ele

OpenTV, Nagra Pile Another Patent Suit On Netflix As They Gear Up For Apple Fight

Online video services from the likes of <a target="_blank" href="">Netflix</a> and Apple may represent the future of the TV business because of their popularity with consumers

Box Defeats Preliminary Injunction In OpenText’s $268M Patent Infringement Case

Some positive legal news for <a target="_blank" href="">Box</a>, the cloud services company that is <a href="

Microsoft Paid Up To $150M To Buy Wearable Computing IP From The Osterhout Design Group

Earlier this week, Facebook <a href="">announced</a> that it had acquired Ocu

Unwired Planet Files Mobile Patent Suits Against Google, Samsung, Huawei, HTC In The UK, Germany

While existing Android patent suits between the likes of Samsung and Apple continue to drag on in Europe, Unwired Planet, the patent enforcement entity that acquired <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.c

Software Patents Are Bullshit

"<a target="_blank" href="">Patents are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution for a single purpose: to promote the prog

White House Unveils Patent Protections, Including Crowdsourcing, To Help Find Prior Claims

The White House isn't waiting for Congress to enact new intellectual property laws. President Obama has made good on his promise to go after so-called "patent trolls," businesses that hoard legal owne

Twitter Acquires Over 900 IBM Patents Following Infringement Claim, Enters Cross-Licensing Agreement

Twitter announced today that it has acquired over 900 patents from IBM, and that it has entered into a cross-licensing agreement with the Internet services and software company. IBM had issued a compl

Google Keeps ‘Vast Majority’ Of Motorola Mobility Patents In Sale To Lenovo

Motorola Mobility is being sold to Lenovo, in a deal worth $2.91B. Google is divesting itself of the handset division it purchased for $12.5B in 2011, but it will keep some of the assets — including
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