Samsung & Ericsson End Long-Running Patent Dispute With New Licensing Deal

Samsung has secured another front against patent attack by shelling out to renew an IP-licensing deal with Ericsson -- settling pending litigation attached to the long-running dispute.

Amazon Patents “Anticipatory” Shipping — To Start Sending Stuff Before You’ve Bought It

Amazon has filed a patent for a shipping system designed to cut delivery times by predicting what buyers are going to buy before they buy it -- and shipping products in their general direction, or eve

Vringo Sells Infomedia Its Mobile Content Business To Sharpen Focus On Patent Suits Against Google, ZTE And More

<a target="_blank" href="">Vringo</a>, a publicly-traded patent-holding company that has been locked in infringement lawsuits against Google, ZTE, (TechCrunch owner) AOL and oth

Apple Patents Integrated Heart Rate Monitor For Smartphones, Hover Touch Sensors

Apple has been issued a couple new patents by the USPTO today, including one for hover touch sensing the likes of which we're starting to see rolled out in Android-powered devices lately like the Sams

Tony Fadell Says Nest Has 100 Patents Granted, 200 Filed, And 200 More Ready To File

Many in the <a href="">tech world and Washington</a> have railed against the encroaching and limiting effec

Nokia, Samsung Extend Their Secretive Patent Deal Another 5 Years, Avoiding Yet Another Mobile Patent Suit, Shoring Up For Others?

On the heels of the Apple/Microsoft-backed Rockstar Consortium <a href="">su

As It Looks Beyond Phones, Nokia Takes A Swipe At Google’s Ad-Driven Maps & Sharpens Its Patent Claws

In most people’s minds, Nokia is still a mobile phones company. But if the Nokia board approves the sale of “substantially all” of the company’s devices & sales division to Microsoft – a

Apple Swipe Keyboard Patent Shows Cupertino Knows Typing On iOS Is “Tedious”

Apple's iPhone needs a much smarter keyboard. I've said it before, but here's evidence Cupertino itself realises that hen-pecking individual letters is a "tedious task". Apple's US patent 8,542,206 de

Apple Working On Intelligent Brightness Control And Automated FaceTime Camera Selection

Ideally, your smart device of the future anticipates your needs and adjusts itself to suit them without requiring input on your behalf. Two newly published patent applications (spotted by AppleInsider

Google Adds 79 Cloud And Big-Data Patents To Its Open Patent Non-Assertion Pledge

Earlier this year, Google <a href="">pled

With Waze, Google Gets Access To Social Mapping Data — And Possible Patent Legal Heat From Nokia

The Google deal to buy Waze — reportedly for $1.1 billion — is a strong move for both companies to enhance their respective mapping services, and to help monetize them better. But it could

SAP Becomes First To Test New Patent Rules In The America Invents Act, Gets Window Of Hope In $345M Versata Case

<a target="_blank" href="">SAP</a>, the enterprise software behemoth dealt a <a target="_blank" href="

Twitter’s Innovator’s Patent Agreement Goes Into Action For ‘Pull To Refresh,’ Jelly And Lift Will Adopt The Framework

Last year, Twitter announced something it called the Innovator's Patent Agreement (IPA), which would keep patents in the hands of the designers and engineers that came up with the technology behind th

Senator Charles Schumer Targets Patent Trolls, Wants USPTO To Review Infringement Suits Before They Head To Court

Companies like Google, BlackBerry, Earthlink, Red Hat, and others in the tech community, have been <a href="

Apple Patents Built-In iPhone Remote Unlocker, Engine Starter And Parking Locator For Cars

The USPTO published a number of Apple patent applications Tuesday, including two related to automobiles (via AppleInsider). The car patents both describe systems that can be built into future iPhones,

CEO Elop: Nokia Will Make $653M In Patent Licensing Revenues This Year, ‘Watching Closely’ For More Targets

<a target="_blank" href="">Nokia</a> today posted Q1 <a href="

Amazon Patent Describes A Mobile Payment System That Keeps Transactions Anonymous

A new patent published by the USPTO today (via PhoneArena) indicates that Amazon is looking into a way to limit the amount of data exchanged when two parties engage in a mobile payment transaction. Th

Foxconn Becomes Largest Microsoft Patent Licensee, Pays Royalty Per Android And Chrome Device

Microsoft just scored a coup on the patent royalty front, with a new deal with Taiwanese phone maker, Hon Hai, which owns Foxconn. Under the terms of the deal, Microsoft will get paid a flat fee per A

Google, BlackBerry EarthLink and Red Hat Take A Stand Against Patent Trolls, Ask FTC, DoJ To Do The Same

<a target="_blank" href="">Google</a>, along with <a target="_blank" href="">BlackBerry</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">EarthL

Apple Patents A Convertible MacBook Design, And Street View Navigation That Can Go Inside Buildings

A couple of new Apple patent applications published today show how the company might be thinking about competing with recent innovations from other big tech companies with similar, but different desig
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