• Google Threw A Punch, Microsoft Fires Back With A Missile

    Google Threw A Punch, Microsoft Fires Back With A Missile

    Earlier today, Google came out swinging. Seemingly sick of being continuously slapped in the face by the patent issue, Google’s SVP and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond, wrote a blog post calling out several of Google’s rivals for attempting to use “bogus patents” to destroy Android. Chief among the rivals called out was Microsoft. Drummond noted that the software… Read More

  • Attachmate Corporation To Buy Novell For $2.2 Billion

    Attachmate Corporation has agreed to acquire technology giant Novell for $6.10 per share in cash in a transaction valued at approximately $2.2 billion. Attachmate is owned by an investment group led by Francisco Partners, Golden Gate Capital and Thoma Bravo. The $6.10 per share consideration represents a 9% premium to the business software maker’s closing stock price last Friday. Novell… Read More

  • SCO/Novell suit is over, SCO loses

    It is over. The SCO’s long-running lawsuit against Novell over a number of patents involved around Unix copyright. In short, SCO claimed to own Unix even after Novell bought it back near the turn of the century. SCO’s patent-trolling has been shameless. The once great company reduced itself to a lawsuit machine and essentially attacked IBM and Novell for years. You can read all… Read More

  • Novell Rejects Hedge Fund's Offer To Take The Company Private For $2 Billion

    New York-based hedge fund Elliott Associates L.P. in a letter to Novell‘s board of directors dated March 2 offered to purchase the infrastructure software company for a cash price of $5.75 per share, or $1 billion net of the cash on the company’s books. Elliott Associates at the time said it already owned 8.5 percent of Novell and wanted to take the company private for $2… Read More

  • Remember that SCO court case? It's still alive!

    SCO, the operating system company that has been trying to make a living doing nothing but litigation, is back in the news! When we last heard from the beleaguered company they were facing Chapter 11, which as we all know is a reorganization process. Now the U.S. Trustee’s office says that it thinks SCO’s bankruptcy should switch to Chapter 7, liquidation. Read More

  • SCO owes Novell $2.54 million for all that trolling

    Remember SCO? Yeah, me neither. But the company that once made a name for itself by existing solely to sue people now owes it’s biggest victim, Novell, $2.54 million plus interest. The story breaks down like this: SCO believed that Novell and other companies who used Linux were actually using UNIX SVRX source code illegally inside the Linux kernel. After independently verifying the… Read More

  • Netbooks to increase Linux's visibility, usability

    Novell, the company that markets SUSE Linux, an enterprise-oriented commercial Linux distro, has a lot at stake in the coming netbook wars. After all, the little machines are overwhelmingly running various flavors of Linux (with the notable exception of Eees pre-loaded with XP and the like), and if Novell can get in on the ground floor, that’s not only cash in hand but a hugely… Read More

  • Supreme Court Clears The Way For Novell To Seek Revenge From Microsoft For Crushing WordPerfect

    Microsoft, marked with the scarlet letter “A” (for “antitrust”), is still paying for yesterday’s sins. Today, the Supreme Court ruled that a private antitrust suit brought on by Novell against Microsoft for crushing WordPerfect can proceed. Microsoft had tried to block the suit on the grounds that the statute of limitations had run out (the alleged crushing… Read More

  • Lenovo Has Linux On The Brain, Will Release Laptops With The OS This Year

    Lenovo will release laptops that have Linux instead of Windows later this year. I know, I know, this means the end of Microsoft as we know it… hellfire, dark clouds… Reuters, can’t be bothered to explain why Lenovo is making the switch, but it does go into great detail, in true reverse pyramid style, explaining how Dell announced a few months ago that it too was making the… Read More