Lenovo Has Linux On The Brain, Will Release Laptops With The OS This Year


Lenovo will release laptops that have Linux instead of Windows later this year. I know, I know, this means the end of Microsoft as we know it… hellfire, dark clouds… Reuters, can’t be bothered to explain why Lenovo is making the switch, but it does go into great detail, in true reverse pyramid style, explaining how Dell announced a few months ago that it too was making the Linux switch.

What’s not explained is how many laptop models will see the Linux switch—it’s not even an “Internet cool” version of Linux, but Novell—nor if Lenovo will actually be cutting back its Windows laptop production as well. Now that’d be a fine headline: Lenovo Cuts Back On Windows Laptops, Will Sell Linux Ones Instead.

Lenovo to sell laptops with Linux [Reuters]