SCO owes Novell $2.54 million for all that trolling

Remember SCO? Yeah, me neither. But the company that once made a name for itself by existing solely to sue people now owes it’s biggest victim, Novell, $2.54 million plus interest.

The story breaks down like this: SCO believed that Novell and other companies who used Linux were actually using UNIX SVRX source code illegally inside the Linux kernel. After independently verifying the code, SCO discovered that Linux was free of SRVX code and that in fact Novell owned the rights to SRVX. Bloops!

This garbage has been going on since 2003 and finally SCO is getting its final day in court although it’s not getting quite what it bargained for. SCO is currently going bankrupt and can’t pay the amount, but a trust has been set up containing $625,000 which Novell will receive once the company is dismantled.

SCO one had a great future. They threw it all away on a pointless war and an are now financially bankrupt.