• Ron Conway Talks Napster And The Sharing Economy Problem That “Never Got Solved”

    Ron Conway Talks Napster And The Sharing Economy Problem That “Never Got Solved”

    On stage at Disrupt NY 2013 today, serial investor Ron Conway and filmmaker/actor Alex Winter took the stage with CrunchFund’s MG Siegler to talk about the documentary Downloaded about the rise and fall of Napster. Ron Conway described being an early investor (his Angel Investors fund put around $500,000 into Napster, he said) and how the process of taking them through the ordeal went. Read More

  • Is An Open Source Social Music Player That Can Be Hosted By Anyone In Case Of Shutdown Is An Open Source Social Music Player That Can Be Hosted By Anyone In Case Of Shutdown

    Anyone who has had a computer and a connection to the Internet in 1999 quickly knew what it felt like to find any song that you wanted, and then listen to it almost immediately. Well, the immediate part wasn’t true, since you had to download the MP3s, which usually took quite a bit of time on a dialup connection. Since Napster, and it getting sued into oblivion (and then acquired for… Read More

  • Jon Irwin On Why Rhapsody Bought Napster

    Jon Irwin On Why Rhapsody Bought Napster

    Monday, we sat down with Rhapsody President Jon Irwin to get a little more insight behind why the company bought fellow online music service Napster. As part of the acquisition, Rhapsody acquired all Napster subscribers and other IP assets from Napster owner BestBuy. Meanwhile, Best Buy received a minority stake in Rhapsody. Irwin tells us he looks forward to bringing the Napster subscriber… Read More

  • Old Skool vs New Skool – Napster's Spotify competitor goes mobile in the UK

    Music streaming services are are becoming a dime a dozen, and that’s before we factor in the expected launch of Apple’s own cloud music offering. Today, Best Buy-owned Napster, the Old Skool player of yesteryear (by brand name only) has unleashed its mobile apps here in the UK. Like Spotify, We7 and a raft of European and U.S. music streaming services, Napster Unlimited plus… Read More

  • Sean Parker Joins Yammer's Board Of Directors

    Sean Parker is no stranger to Internet success. He’s 28 years old and has already helped start four very well-known services on the web: Napster, Plaxo, Causes, and of course, Facebook. And now he’s taking his impressive resume to Yammer, where he is joining the enterprise microblogging service’s Board of Directors, we’ve learned. Yammer, which won the top prize at… Read More

  • Logitech Squeezebox gets Napster music

    Squeezebox owners: You can now access Napster music right from your your WiFi boombox. Read More

  • Best Buy to acquire Napster

    Best Buy will be acquiring Napster for around $121 million as the two companies have announced they’ve “entered into a definitive merger agreement” for Best Buy to scoop up all of Napster’s outstanding shares at $2.65. The deal will include all 700,000 Napster subscribers, Napster’s web-based platform, and key employees. Best Buy already has a digital music… Read More

  • Best Buy Puzzles With Napster Acquisition

    Best Buy announced today that it has acquired Napster for $121 million in cash. The company said that it will keep Napster’s executive team and will leave the Napster service and its estimated 700,000 users in place without changing much in the near-term. During the 2008 fiscal year ending March 31, Napster had revenue of $127.5 million, and a loss of $16.5 million. The loss was an… Read More

  • Apple Considers Streaming Media from iTunes to iPhone

    AppleInsider has posted details about a patent recently filed by Apple that describes technology for playing iTunes content from a desktop computer remotely on an iPhone or iPod touch. The new software would load only meta data about songs, videos, and other media onto a handheld device. It would then allow users to stream this media from their desktop computers on demand and even let them… Read More

  • Rhapsody Agrees DRM Is Dead; Launches MP3 Store

    Streaming music service Rhapsody has joined the likes of Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Napster by launching an MP3 store. Its move to offer unprotected music downloads has been anticipated since last Fall when Real Networks joined forces with MTV and Verizon. The Rhapsody MP3 Store offers music from all four major labels (Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, and EMI) at 99 cents per… Read More

  • New Napster store features 6 million DRM-free tracks

    Napster’s had it up to here (pointing near the top of my head) and wants to regain its position as the King of Online Music. The new Napster web store opened its doors today and features six million DRM-free tracks, most for 99 cents apiece and most full albums for $9.99, according to Reuters. You can still opt for subscription pricing at around $15 per month if you have a… Read More