Prince returns to Spotify and Napster this weekend

Those looking to mourn Prince’s passing with a music marathon last April came away disappointed if they happened to (as most no doubt do) subscribe to any music service but Tidal. Now, nearly a year after his unexpected passing at age 57, The artist’s catalog is returning to additional online music services for the first time since 2015, when he pulled his songs over royalty issues.

Both Spotify and Napster have confirmed the comeback, which includes a half-dozen hits compilations and nearly 20 studio albums, including classics like Purple Rain, Sign ‘O’ The Times and 1999, hitting this Sunday.

The Minnesota musician’s posthumous return is due in no small part to some massive taxes owed by his estate – up to $100 million. Last month, a court ruled that his assets should be monetized in order to help pay the steep bill.

Along with the rerelease of his back catalog, Prince’s unreleased records (of which there are many) have been licensed to Universal Music, while his estate is apparently looking at everything from movies to Cirque du Soleil as new homes for his vast catalog. No word yet on when the music will be coming to additional services like Apple Music.