Napster Is An Open Source Social Music Player That Can Be Hosted By Anyone In Case Of Shutdown

Anyone who has had a computer and a connection to the Internet in 1999 quickly knew what it felt like to find any song that you wanted, and then listen to it almost immediately. Well, the immediate pa

Jon Irwin On Why Rhapsody Bought Napster

Monday, we sat down with Rhapsody President <a href="">Jon Irwin</a> to get a little more insight behind why the company <a href="

Old Skool vs New Skool – Napster's Spotify competitor goes mobile in the UK

<img class="shot" title="Napster" src="" alt="" width="175" height="167" />Music streaming services are are becoming a

Sean Parker Joins Yammer's Board Of Directors

<a href=""><img src="" width="171" height="200" />Sean Parker</a> is no stran

Logitech Squeezebox gets Napster music

Squeezebox owners: You can now access Napster music right from your your WiFi boombox.

Best Buy to acquire Napster

Best Buy will be acquiring Napster for around $121 million as the two companies have announced they’ve “entered into a definitive merger agreement” for Best Buy to scoop up all of Napster’s ou

Best Buy Puzzles With Napster Acquisition

<img src="" alt="Napster Logo" class="shot" /> Best Buy <a href="

Apple Considers Streaming Media from iTunes to iPhone

AppleInsider has posted details about a patent recently filed by Apple that describes technology for playing iTunes content from a desktop computer remotely on an iPhone or iPod touch. The new softwar

Rhapsody Agrees DRM Is Dead; Launches MP3 Store

Streaming music service Rhapsody has joined the likes of Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Napster by launching an MP3 store. Its move to offer unprotected music downloads has been anticipated since last Fall whe

New Napster store features 6 million DRM-free tracks

Napster’s had it up to here (pointing near the top of my head) and wants to regain its position as the King of Online Music. The new Napster web store opened its doors today and features six mil

I Am Failing To Get Excited About Napster's 6 Million Songs

Napster just announced that they are now selling their entire catalog of 6 million songs for $0.99/each, no DRM. And for some reason I’m having trouble getting excited about it (CNET, however, h

Metallica thinking about jumping on the online distribution bandwagon

They used to be good. Metallica gave hints in an interview with Rolling Stone that it will follow the Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead model of Internet-based music distribution. (You can already downloa

Canceling Music Services 101

Eliot Van Buskirk was sick — sick! — of paying for music download services. Now that Amazon is DRM-free and offers lots of music, he decided to cancel all of his music subscriptions. Yahoo

Samsung SLM is the first with Napster Mobile

Sorry for the delay, folks. I was busy fondling my Kindle yesterday and seemed to have left this one slip through the cracks. AT&T and Samsung announced the SLM yesterday, which is the first phone

Napster and AT&T team up to woo valuable "nobody" market by selling music over the air at $1.99 a song

Hey, hipsters! Put down your hacky-sacks for a few minutes and hear me lay down this smack! AT&T (the “Fun Network”) and Napster (“The service you used to steal all your music fr

AT&T Signs Napster Mobile Deal

AT&T have announced that their wireless customers will soon be able to download songs from Napster Mobile. Starting mid-November, the service will allow AT&T customers to browse 5 million song

Napster Dumping Client Download, Prays For DRM Free Music

Word is that Napster is dumping their desktop client and relaunching with a fully web based client as part of an effort to broaden their reach. Customers will be able to listen to their music over the

Napster Launches Over The Air Music Downloads For Cellphones in Japan

Napster is rolling out its over-the-air (OTA) music service on Japan’s NTT Docomo. The service lets Napster To Go subscribers download music onto compatible cellphones (so far, the 904i series).

Circuit City/Napster To Offer Music Service, May Also Offer Fire, the Wheel, and Written Word

You’d think that with 5 million music services already in the works that Circuit City and Napster would think twice about teaming up. No such luck. The company will sell subscription services &m

Video Share From AT&T

In a conference with Cingular/AT&T about their new service, Video Share, a mobile-to-mobile video chat service reminiscient of video chat in Europe. The service is rolling out this summer. The bes
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