MPAA sues Real over RealDVD – the fools

In yet another ridiculous and short-sighted move, “the nation’s top movie companies” have filed suit against RealNetworks due to the release of RealDVD. Oh my god. Every time I think

Joe Biden, Obama's running mate, isn't exactly a champion for technology

Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s running mate, is not your friend when it comes to technology. Well, he could well be your friend, if you’re the RIAA or MPAA. The vice presidential nominee has sp

MPAA trying to eliminate analog hole

If the MPAA had its way, your DVR would be nothing more than a hunk of useless metal and plastic, unable to record and pause live television. Steps are being taken to ensure that it gets its way. The

Newsflash: People like good movies

More often than not, it’s the simple explanation that makes the most sense. Commenting on a recent LA Times woe-for-the-movie-industry piece, Techdirt arrives at the stunning conclusion that people

MPAA to launch Web site that tells folks where to get movies legally

This may come as a bit of a shock to y’all, but the MPAA actually has a idea to “save” the movie industry that doesn’t involve sending out John Doe letters to dumb teens. The associati

MPAA says it shouldn't have to provide evidence to convict pirates because it's 'very difficult'

The MPAA may have some explaining to do following remarks of one of its lawyers in the Jammie Thomas trial. The remark in question, as written by Marie. L. van Uitert: It is often very difficult, and

Crime-fighting dog found dead in Malaysia

Sad news, folks. Manny, a dog trained to sniff out pirated DVDs, has died in Malaysia. The AP is reporting that the dog “died of an unknown cause” and that Malaysian authorities don’t suspect fo

MPAA: Release movies to TV sooner, block recordings

The Motion Picture Association of America wants to release movies to TV, pay-per-view, on-demand, and premium movie channels before releasing them for sale on DVD. Sounds good, no? There’s a little

MPAA gives two printers take-down notices

I knew that printers could copy documents but can they really copy Iron Man? Researchers at the University of Washington were doing some tests to suss out BitTorrent traffic on their local network whe

New York launches anti-piracy ad campaign: Your intelligence is in no way insulted

Go ahead and tell me that New York isn’t over. The city will be plastering subways with anti-piracy flyers throughout the summer, telling people, essentially, not to copy that floppy. Harried Ne

Look out, Newzbin: MPAA targets Usenet indexing site

Usenet appears to be the MPAA’s next target. Not good. The MPAA has told Newzbin, a popular Usenet indexing service and creator of the NZB file format, that it’s hosting copyright-infringi

Revision 3 says RIAA/MPAA anti-piracy company responsible for recent outage

Flickr’d You guys watch Revision 3, right? Diggnation, Tekzilla (my personal favorite), Totally Rad, etc. The company was DoS’d last week, and you’ll never guess who was responsible.

MPAA sends a big, fat bill to The Pirate Bay

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) wants $15.4 million from The Pirate Bay for copyright infringement. It cited that “The Pink Panther” torrent file has been downloaded from

MPAA to collect $110m from TorrentSpy

In what can only be termed a crushing defeat, leading torrent site TorrentSpy has been ordered to pay more than $110 million to the MPAA by a US District judge. It’s been a losing battle followi

MPAA says 44% of movie losses due to piracy on college networks, number could be closer to 3%

In 2005, the Motion Picture Association of America did a study where it claimed to find that college students account for 44% of the losses that the movie industry incurs, thanks to the illegal downlo

Video: How the RIAA/MPAA tracks your BitTorrent downloads

Use BitTorrent to, cough, illegally download music, movies, games and whatnot? If you do, you might want to watch this video, which explains how tracking agencies (the companies the **AA hire to track

ZML is for movies

Say hello to the source of the MPAA’s next ulcer. It’s, a site with similar ultra-simplicity and low, low pricing to former heavyweight music champ The site offers mo

Want to work for the MPAA? Send them an email

Are you an out-of-work hacker angry at the world/some guy from TorrentSpy who wouldn’t let you do some ridiculous ad thing? Want to make over $4,999? Then send the MPAA an email. They’ll p

How NYU Handles Piracy: Don't Get Caught Or Else…

Piracy kills kittens, you know Don’t ask, don’t tell. Oh, but if the RIAA catches you, your ass is grass. That’s essentially how New York University, known as NYU to the Haley Joel O

MPAA Caught Red-Handed in Sting: Durn Them Duke Boys!

I know this spread like wildfire last night, but it’s pretty funny. The MPAA hired a company, MediaDefender, to stop piracy. How did they do it? Through a fake video download site called MiiVi,
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