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SpaceX launches a communications satellite and sticks another landing

It’s been a good week for SpaceX. Earlier this week we learned that the company won a lucrative contract with the National Reconnaissance Office, the tight-lipped government organization that runs A

Basho open-sources its Riak TS database for the Internet Of Things

It seems as though every device manufacturer in the world wants to connect its products to the internet, from mattresses and washing machines to toasters and juicers. There’s so much data out there

Microgravity contest takes students and experiments on the vomit comet

FOX’s “Xploration Outer Space” show is teaming up with Arlington, Va.-based ZERO-G Corporation, which operates weightless flights from U.S. airports. The reason they’re col

Encryption pioneer Martin Hellman talks security, Apple, the FBI and the future of cryptography

Martin Hellman, Stanford Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, was one of those awarded this year's Turing Award by the Association for Computing Machinery. Named for computer science pioneer

Castle is a drag-and-drop account takeover protection solution

You probably have your credit card and other payment information keyed into at least 10 different services right now, all of which are likely based over a mobile app or website. For a long time, the e

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly breaks American spaceflight record

When former International Space Station Commander Scott Kelly steps out of a Soyuz descent module on the Kazakhstan steppe at around 8.30PM PST later today, after 340 days on the International Space S

Facebook Distances Itself From Marc Andreessen’s Statements On Free Basics

Marc Andreessen is having quite a contrite Wednesday. Andreessen, who currently sits on Facebook’s board, caused a stir last night with his online response to Indian Internet regulator TRAI ni

LiveLike’s VR Spectator App Wins The 1st And Future Bringing Home The Game Category

Virtual reality, body cameras, and the Internet Of Things are poised to change the way we watch sports. Today we saw how at TechCrunch’s 1st And Future startup competition held at the Stanford Gradu

WhatsApp Hits One Billion Users, Remains In Search Of Revenue

You know what’s cooler than a (several hundred) million users? A billion users. Just over a week after announcing the scrapping of the Facebook-owned messaging service’s $0.99 annual fee,

Google’s WiFi for Indian Train Stations Launches At Mumbai Central Railway Station Tomorrow

Google’s long-anticipated Wi-Fi for railway stations in India is slowly going operational starting tomorrow. As was announced late last September, Mumbai Central railway station will be the first l

Orbital ATK and SpaceX Receive Air Force Contracts For New Engine Development

It’s been a good few days at Orbital ATK and SpaceX. Right on the heels of major contracts from NASA to resupply the International Space Station, both companies were the first recipients of the Air

Computer Vision Startup ThirdEye Pivots From Google Glass To Mobile

ThirdEye, a startup started by four Penn sophomores that helps the blind “see” what is around them, launched its mobile apps this morning. The company’s product, previously only availab

How BB-8 Works

By now, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve seen the new Star Wars movie — and for those who haven’t, don’t worry: no spoilers here. At long last, we’ve got a much-nee

SpaceX Delays Attempt To Launch (And Land) Upgraded Falcon 9 to Monday

In SpaceX’s first orbital attempt since its failed June 28 attempt to reach the International Space Station, the Hawthorne, Ca.-based company plans to launch a Falcon 9 v1.1 rocket tomorrow. The l

Li-Fi Probably Won’t Be The New Wi-Fi For Most People

Long restricted to the academic domain, Li-Fi, a light-based data delivery method is suddenly getting all sorts of attention. An Estonian startup Velmenni recently tested an commercial implementation

Contextual Search Platform Atlas Is Ivy Softworks’ First Spinoff

Ivy Softworks — a so-called “innovation studio” founded by Napster’s Jordan Ritter in Seattle — is taking the wraps off its first products today. It is launching a contextual information sea

Immigration Bill Could Challenge Tech’s Ongoing Fight For Skilled Worker Visas

Even as immigration advocates push for increases to the H-1B visa quotas, calls for reform to the existing system are growing louder — from legislators and immigration advocacy groups alike. Sen

Apixio’s New Iris Platform Uses Your Doctor’s Notes To Derive Insights

Data science applications for healthcare are finally trying to catch up to the rest of the world, with one new effort coming from six-year-old Apixio in San Mateo, CA. This morning, the company is l

Rhumbix Wants To Be The Palantir For Construction

Two former Naval Engineers are trying to turn construction management on its head. Stanford Graduate School of Business alumni Zachary Scheel and Drew DeWalt are behind Rhumbix, a company whose produ

Dispatch Joins The Ground Delivery Club

Delivery companies have finally realized the importance of rolling before learning to fly. While autonomous quadcopter and other airborne drones have been in vogue over the past few years, autonomous
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