Theater Revenue Reaches Record Levels, Despite Cries About P2P Piracy

Some things just amaze me. Despite the fact that people are paying more for theater tickets then ever, the MPAA and their ilk are crying about how they aren’t making as much money due to piracy. I suggest that the real pirates here are the theater owners, who are raising ticket prices at the highest year to year rate ever.

Of course, people keep going to the movies because it remains a cheaper form of entertainment (for now). However some analysts are suggesting that theaters have pretty much maxed out what people are willing to pay, and anticipate a backlash. Part of the reason for such record increases has been the latest 3D craze (rather the film should be in 3D or not). In fact, income from 3D films has accounted for 11% of box office income last year. The bad news? There’s nothing stopping the theater owners from continuing to squeeze us for every dime they can get.

[via Ars Technica]